Gadget Gary: Baba Booey's Holiday Wish List

The guys at S&V asked me to put together my holiday wish list. So, in no particular order, here goes:

• The iPhone. This is a perfect example of a holiday gift because, although I think it's really cool, I'd never spend my own money on it. I love the interface and all the features (including being able to turn it upside down while the image stays in place). I also love the idea of taking my iPod and cellphone out of my jacket and replacing them with one device.

• DIRECTV Sat-Go. Just open the little briefcase and - hey now - instant satellite TV! Very James Bond. Of course, I'd use it to catch a New York Mets game while visiting my relatives in Massachusetts.

• The Slingbox. Watch what's on your home TV (including things on your TiVo) from anywhere you can get an Internet connection. Now when I'm traveling, and I wind up sitting in a hotel room bored to death, I can catch up on episodes of Dexter and Weeds instead of watching Happy Gilmore on Comedy Central - again!

• The Kaleidescape 3U (shown open above). It's a server that holds all of your music and video and distributes it throughout your home. You can start watching a movie in the family room and finish it in the bedroom. All your DVDs are stored on the hard drive, and they begin play after the FBI Warning and all that other unnecessary garbage.

• I'm also salivating over the Nintendo Wii (hello, Guitar Hero III) and the Sirius Stiletto 100 (I could use it to listen to a New York Jets game if I get stuck in an airport on a Sunday).

Do I really need any of these things I just put on my wish list? No, but that's what holiday gifts are for: getting stuff I want.

Gary Dell'Abate is the executive producer of The Howard Stern Show - where the phrase "Ho, Ho, Ho" takes on quite a different meaning.

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