Elegant A/V Storage from Sanus

The Sanus Trillium A/V console is a trend-driven design that the company hopes will appeal to buyers beyond the hardcore home-theaterphile. To that end, they’ve gone for a classic modernist look and an affordable price point: $799 for a 63-inch wide version and $599 for a 53-inch version. The larger console supports TVs up to 70 inches, while the smaller one holds up to 60-inch screens. Color options include Dark Cherry (shown here) and walnut.

The Trillium has several standout features. First, there’s a large soundbar shelf with metal grilles so that sound can flow freely. The same grilles also front the side cabinets, allowing IR signals to pass through and components to be properly ventilated. What you don’t see in the above pic are the clever hidden storage areas designed to accommodate necessary but unsightly hardware such as power strips, cables, ethernet switches, and routers.