Elac's Solano Series Features Signature Jet Tweeter

The speaker-meisters at Germany’s Elac are keeping busy these days. Following closely on the heels of the new Uni-Fi Reference series, the Solano series brings the brand’s signature Jet 5 folded-ribbon tweeter to more affordable price levels.

The Solano series comprises the FS 287 floorstander ($4,000/pair), BS 283 bookshelf model ($2,000/pair), and a matching center-channel speaker, the CC 281 ($1,200), each available in high-gloss black or white.

Central to all is the Jet 5, the latest version of a tweeter based on the iconic Air Motion Transformer (AMT) developed by noted German physicist Oskar Heil and first used by ESS in the early 1970s. The AMT is celebrated for its light, airy, and incredibly smooth highs; various versions exist, including the HFVR (high velocity folded ribbon) tweeter used in GoldenEar Technology speakers.

Elac praises the Jet 5 for its “lightning-fast response and wide dynamic range with minimal distortion, lots of headroom and a distinctly wider frequency range than conventional dome tweeters.”

All three of the new Solano models also boast two sets of heavy-duty binding posts to accommodate bi-amping and bi-wiring and a custom, cast-basket woofer built using a proprietary gluing process that combines aluminum and paper to create a lightweight cone that’s “stiff and precise.”

The 39-inch-tall FS 287 tower speaker is a two-and-a-half-way design rated to play down to 30Hz that mates the Jet 5 tweeter with two 6-inch woofers. A cast-aluminum base elevates the cabinet slightly to accommodate a down-firing port. Rated sensitivity is 87 dB (1 watt/meter) and, like all models in the Solano series, nominal impedance is 4 ohms.

Rated to play down to 41 Hz with a rated sensitivity of 85 dB, the BS 283 is a two-way design with one 6-inch woofer that stands 13 inches tall. It, too, has a down-firing port and cast-aluminum base.

The CC 281 center speaker is a two-and-a-half-way design with a Jet 5 tweeter flanked by a 6-inch woofer on either side. It’s spec’d to play down to 34Hz and has a rated sensitivity is 87.5 dB (1 watt/meter).

For more information, visit elac.com.

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So, how is the horizontal and vertical dispersion on this tweeter? That will determine its relative utility for home theater and two channel audio.