Duevel Sirius Omnidirectional Speaker

After designing and building direct-radiating speakers for over 20 years, Markus Duevel decided to try a different approach. Years of experimentation resulted in a unique combination of horn loading and omnidirectional radiation, and Duevel now offers several models, including the flagship Sirius.

A 12-inch, carbon-fiber-reinforced woofer fires upward into an omnidirectional diffuser, while a 5-inch titanium-nitride mid/tweeter fires downward into an omni channel formed by the top of the woofer diffuser and another specially shaped horn.

With a nominal impedance of 6Ω and a sensitivity of 93dB/W/m, the Sirius exhibits a frequency range from 30Hz to 23kHz (±3dB).

As the company's flagship, the Sirius commands a fairly hefty price—$35,000/pair—but the same approach can be found in several less-expensive models. Of course, omnidirectional speakers require careful placement in a room, but Duevel maintains the effort is worth it, citing the importance of balancing direct and reflected sound. I agree that balance is important, and I hope someday to hear how well his solution achieves it.