Dish Network Goes Voom

Dish ViP222 dual-tuner HD satellite receiver

Dish Network, which grew by more than 10 percent to 12-million subscribers last year, continues to add high-definition service. Voom (now a Rainbow Media Services program provider rather than a competing satellite operator) will supply Dish with 15 channels of original HD programming, including channels devoted to Kung Fu, extreme sports, style and fashion with celebrities such as Donna Karan, and, brace yourselves, horror and monsters. Voom stresses sound quality, delivering all its programming in 5.1-channel Dolby Digital.

Dish offers a package of 25 HD channels for $55 per month. Altogether, it transmits 1,700 hours of HD programming per week. This ramped-up schedule includes major-network local channels in 50 markets. A satellite to be launched early this year will further increase channel capacity. The newly available (and surprisingly small) Dish 1000 dish receives from satellites in three orbital locations - 110, 119, and 129 degrees.

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