From the director of The Nightmare Before Christmas comes another visually stunning, stop-motion animated feature—the first to be shot using stereoscopic 3D. Although the 3D experience doesn't translate well to Blu-ray, the 2D feature is amazingly clear with inky blacks and phenomenal contrast. The detail on the miniature sets looks surprisingly lifelike, from the fabric used for curtains to the textures of the characters' clothing and even their expressions. The audio track doesn't take a back seat to the video, either, featuring demo-worthy surround imaging.

Dinner time

  • Chapter 3, 0:14:07
  • Detail
  • Notice the three-dimensional image of the kitchen with the raindrops creeping down the windows and the light coming from the slightly ajar oven. Also notice the amazing clarity in the characters' faces—the five-o-clock shadow on the dad, the beauty mark above mom's lip, and the scowl on Coraline's face.

A trip through the garden.

  • Chapter 7, 0:35:32
  • Detail, color, shadow detail
  • Prepare yourself for a cornucopia of color as Coraline watches the garden come to life. Notice the detail in the background and the shadows cast by the half-moonlit night.

The thrilling conclusion.

  • Chapter 18, 1:24:38
  • Detail, surround imaging
  • Look at the spider-web patterns throughout the room and the detail in the curtains.
  • Listen as the climactic battle bombards the room with discrete effects from every direction with the eerie score playing the background.

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