CES04 Live: Photo Mix #1

Steven Van Zandt of The Sopranos (and Bruce Springsteen's band) lends some celebrity cred to the Sirius satellite radio press conference. He'll be joining Sirius as a programmer later this year. ces 2004 - day 0 - JensReinier Jens, new president of Philips Consumer Electronics North America, makes a big first impression in the North Hall.

ces 2004 - day 0 - samsung Lazy attendees quickly learn that the excuse, "I just didn't know where Samsung's booth was," won't fly.

ces 2004 - day 0 - sirus girls A peppy squad of cheerleaders celebrates the NFL's arrival on Sirius radio.

ces 2004 - day 0 - humvee A Humvee souped up with Rockford Fosgate gear promises "bowel-shaking" bass. ces 2004 - day 0 - xm balloonXM Satellite Radio announces its presence at the entrance to the Las Vegas Convention Center with a huge sign-balloon.

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