CES 2011: Wrap-Up

CES 2011 is a wrap, but the new products will live on - at least until they're made obsolete by new stuff at next year's show. Here's a hand collection of all the news you need from the floor and beyond.

CES 2011: The Wild World of the High-End Audio Rooms

The Venetian Hotel is the home of high-end audio at CES, and there's never a lack of good audio, great audio, and truly bizarre audio.

CES 2011: Headphones - The New HiFi?

This year's show brought a wide variety of things to put on, over and in your ears.

CES 2011: This Year in Giant TV Walls

Everything's bigger in Vegas...especially the TVs.

CES 2011: Active Vs. Passive 3DTVs Battle it Out

Less Format War and more Format Argument.

CES 2011: Sony Announces New Products in Grand Fashion

Seth Rogen, a rotating stage and a beautiful, gigantic screen.

CES 2011: Panasonic Talks TV Tech

New phosphors, deeper blacks and lots of connectivity on the way.

CES 2011: Smart Stuff from Samsung

Online components are growing while bezels are shrinking.

CES 2011: LG TVs Get Smart

The only thing more connected than their new TVs are, um, their ovens.