Cambridge Audio Minx Air 100 Wireless System Sweepstakes

Register to win a Cambridge Audio Minx Air 100 Wireless System ($449.95) we are giving away.

According to the company:

Benefiting from Cambridge Audio’s vast Hi-Fi expertise, Minx Air 100 is designed to deliver stunning audio quality from stored tracks and streaming services. Patented BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator) speakers create a rich sound that’s more room-filling than similar-sized traditional speakers. BMR’s unique, hybrid design of pistonic and flat panel technology ensures you never have to find the “sweet spot” to enjoy your music.  Meanwhile, a custom-developed digital amplifier guarantees heart-thumping performance, even at top volumes. Minx Air also features sophisticated Digital Signal Processing (DSP) using advanced algorithms developed for music and movie production by Waves Audio. This not only allows Cambridge Audio to get the biggest sound possible from Minx Air’s compact enclosure, but delivers an experience that’s louder, crisper and fuller than other portable systems.

Using Apple’s AirPlay wireless system, Minx Air will simply connect to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, as well as computers running iTunes.  However, Minx Air isn’t just aimed at owners of Apple devices, it instantly connects with any Bluetooth enabled phone, tablet or computer so everyone can share their music, regardless of make or model.  For radio enthusiasts Minx Air also features integrated favorite internet radio buttons for easy access at the touch of a button. For those looking to discover new stations, the Minx Air app – for Apple or Android – opens up access to 20,000 tried and tested stations from around the world. Once presets are saved on one smartphone or tablet, they’ll also be available to other devices with the Minx Air app installed. 

The Minx Air app offers way more than preset control and allows volume adjustment, bass control and access to a range of EQ settings to tailor Minx Air’s sound for any room. It also contains a tutorial for easy installation as well as step-by-step videos to simplify everyone’s set-up experience, whatever device they’re connecting.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

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Thanks for another great contest!

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The perfect Christmas gift!!

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I always wanted to portable AirPlay speaker from Cambridge audio for my iPad so that I can listen to music without wires and get a room filling sound.

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This would be a wonderful addition to the house, thanks.

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This is exactly what I'm hoping Santa will bring my wife ~
Thank you~

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Solid audio company...would love to hear it!! Thanks for the contest!!!

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A perfect Christmas gift

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would love to try this

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would love to have this to try

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Come on S&V... Make my Christmas!

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Thank you for running this contest.

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I wonder how this stacks up against the Sonos products?

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It's just a hometheater thing!

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Yes, I would love to have one of these.
Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the opportunity

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I would LOVE this! Crossing my fingers!

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My family would love this for Christmas! Thanks for the Christmas give away.

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And the best thing is, if I win I can sell it on ebay to pay for my great-grandmother's operation!

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To me.

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Thanks for your consideration!

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I want to hear how it sounds

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But, do we have to go to The Old Schools, Trinity Ln to get it?

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Cambridge Audio is a great company. Winning this would be a nice holiday surprise.

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Need some Christmas Love

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good choice

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I would really enjoy it.

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Me needs it. Me wants it.

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And thank you!

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I've heard a lot of good things about Cambridge - hope to win!

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Count me in

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Music! Yeah!! YYEEAAHH!!!!

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It'd be really nice to let this serenade my living room.

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Very nice speaker!

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To be lucky in this holiday season with Minx Air 100 !!!'s picture

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looks good

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Looks very nice!

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Have always had good luck with Cambridge's desktop systems. Maybe this will be good luck, too.

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My turn

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I never win anything....but you never know.

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Dear Santa......... :)

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Pyle PWPBT60 Sound

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Now this is what I'm talkin about...

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Im in

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Great prize!

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Have always liked Cambridge Audio, going back to the early '80's. I need this for the morning while getting ready.

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Looks like I finally found a system that meets my needs.

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I would love to have this system in my home office to listen to while I toil away my days.

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Great contest!

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This looks like a really nifty item to have.
A "sound" idea.

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could help to increase my tuneage.....

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Always heard great comments on this company. Would LOVE to win this for Christmas!!!

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Cool contest. "Sounds" like a nice bit of gear.

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Great! Your products are built with quality.

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Winning one of these can put an end to my indecisiveness on which wireless speaker to get!

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My speakers have started to die, so I'd love to win a replacement