Boxee Comes to the iPad

HTPC, PC, Mac, dedicated hardware, and now the iPad. Boxee continues to extend the footprint of its video interface software with its iOS application, a nifty little front end for the iPad. But don't expect a mobile version of the full Boxee experience.For the time being, you'll still be using the iPad's Netflix app to watch Netflix video, since the accent here is on aggregating the free video content that circulates in the social universe. Link up your various accounts, and you'll be kept up to date on whatever video content the folks you friend or follow on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr might post.

Some cool features are already in the mix, though. The associated Boxee Media Manager lets you stream video content from your desktop machine to your iPad (which is actually quite convenient given the relative difficulty of copying content to an Apple device), so long as both devices are on the same wireless network; a new bookmarklet lets you flag videos from wherever you might be browsing, and adds them to you queue to watch later from any Boxee-enabled device, now including, of course, your iPad. We played around with these features a bit today, and they do seem to work as advertised.

Beyond the tablet announcements, the company also released a softare update for the Boxee Box, adding some filtering tools to the main search tool, taking care of some needed bug fixes, and adding - as an "experiment," mind you - AirPlay support for the Boxee Box. Read all about it here.