Bowers & Wilkins and Maserati Quattroporte “Seven Notes”

To celebrate their teaming up, B&W and Maserati enlisted the help of musician and producer Howie B to create the Seven Notes project. To celebrate that, they’re putting on a multi-city road show featuring live music, and a chance to check out the B&W system in the new Quattroporte.

Fellow Tech2er Brent and I trekked down to Hollywood to have a listen.

What’s the Seven Notes project? It’s two original pieces of music featuring the notes produced by a Maserati engine. If you don’t think there’s music in a Maserati engine, you’ve never heard a Maserati engine. The music was written and arranged by Howie B, and performed with the band All We Are.

You can check out the music at Despite the admittedly gimmicky route for the initial creation, the music itself is quite good. Kind of an ambient/techno vibe.

Here’s a making-of video that has some of the music in it.

The car and the speakers

Though the party’s music was a little loud, the cabin was quiet enough to get a decent initial impression of the audio system. That initial impression? Very positive. There was the typical car-audio bass push, but unlike in many systems, the full bass sound was controlled, very deep, and not at all boomy. Pushed loud, there was no harsh high-end, and throughout the volume range the mids sounded excellent. Though I’ll reserve final judgment until I can test it fully, at first listen it seems like it could be one of the better car audio systems. 

In the video below, B&W’s Marc Schnoll goes through the highlights of the system.


All pictures and video above (except the making-of) were taken with the HTC One.