Best Settings for Sony KDL-46Z4100

Do you have any recommended settings for the Sony KDL-46Z4100 LCD TV? I am presently using the factory default settings in the Cinema picture mode, which I'm told is the best mode to start with.

Fitz Forde

You heard correctly—the Cinema picture mode is generally the best mode to start with. We haven't reviewed any models in the Z4100 series, so I don't have specific settings to share with you, and even if I did, they would not necessarily be the best for your set. Typically, the best settings are not the same from one set to another, even two identical models, because of inevitable variations due to imperfect manufacturing tolerances. Yes, HT publishes the settings we use in our TV reviews, but we caution readers that they might well be slightly different than the best settings for another sample of the same model.

Your best bet is to set the basic picture controls yourself using a good setup disc, such as Spears and Munsil's High-Definition Benchmark, Joe Kane's Digital Video Essentials: HD Basics, or Disney's Wow on Blu-ray. If you don't have a Blu-ray player, I recommend Disney's Wow or Monster's HDTV Calibration Wizard on DVD. All of these discs are available online. If you're new to the TV-setup game, I recommend the Disney or Monster discs, which guide you through the process step by step.

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I have found tweaktv a good starting point for tv settings

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You picked a great LED panel,,Scott's comments are very true,
Spear's & Munsil is a great calibration disc,providing you hav Bluray
start with Vivid mode ,then tweak it out ,to your'e eyes,get a women involved,they see better than us men,Sony are very blue Tv's.
Do not professionally calibrate until LED is burned in for 6 months.
Good Luck kid

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Vivid mode? Really? Stick to the cinema or custom modes. Vivid is for display purposes, and neither Scott or myself recommend it for normal home viewing.


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I couldn't agree more, mailiang! Start with Movie or Cinema mode, not Vivid!
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I always respect a person's incorrect statements,,,
Are you ISF certified by the Florida men. If not you are completly wrong,,we have spoke before young man.
As I continue to learn,,everyone's eyes r different,,,so f**k all
the Training Ive' endured for 24 years,,sir.

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ISF Certified or not, the only thing you posted that justifies a response, is your lack of respect for another opinion and the inappropriate use of certain language on this thread.

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I edited the profanity; Brian, please refrain from using such words here! And please treat people with respect, even (especially) those with whom you disagree. Regarding ISF training, I have taken it from Joel Silver himself, and I am absolutely certain he would not recommend starting in Vivid mode, so I have no idea where you got that idea.