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0606_emerick_mckayFast-forward to today for Nellie McKay's Get Away from Me, which you produced and engineered. She has said: "I have a feeling that every job is hard for Geoff. He really believes in it, he commits himself to it. And he's a worrier." Are you a worrier? Oh, yeah, all the time. Because it's so important to me. And I only work with people who, to me, are proper artists. And Nellie's a proper artist. For all her quirks, she's still a great artist, a great musician, and full of talent. Some day, she's gonna be huge.

It's the same with an artist like Elvis Costello [whose Imperial Bedroom was produced and engineered by Emerick]. I've got respect for the person I'm working with, and I'm going to try to do more than 100% to contain and control and use what they're giving me to the best of my ability.

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