B & W Music Club Goes 24-Bit

The Peter Gabriel-curated B&W Music Club is now providing music downloads in 24-bit FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) files. Subscribers now have a choice of three formats for download. The new 24-bit FLAC format, a 16-bit FLAC version and a 16-bit Apple Lossless version. The new file format is also available for people on a free trial, who can download an EP of 24-bit lossless music. Full membership runs $59.95 for a year and $39.95 for six months. You can download one new album a month, which comes to $5 an album with the annual membership. Sometimes there are bonus downloads, making the membership even more valuable.

All B&W Music Club albums are specially recorded at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios. Some of the finest recordings I have ever heard were done at Real World Studios so the cost of membership guarantees you excellent quality recordings. The categories of music provided through the B& W Music Club are varied and some you might like and others not so much. One thing you can depend on is these are not your traditional pop artists. Peter has been scouring the world for years looking for undiscovered and under-appreciated talent and the B&W Music Club is just another way of distributing these unique and multicultural recordings.

If you want to stick with your iTunes you'll have to stay with the 16-bit ALC format. If you plan to burn the files to a CD or use a different music program you can choose the 16-bit FLAC file. However, to experience the benefits of the new 24-bit audio files, you can download the 24-bit FLAC file and listen to it either directly from your computer, stream it wirelessly using a device such as the Sonos music system that can stream 24- bit files, or burn the files to a DVD. Moreover, you can download multiple formats depending on your various uses.