MondoMix Music

If you love world music, you need to head on over to MondoMix for a touch of Cuban rhythms, Jamaican reggae, Indian Vedic chants, or beats from the Balkins. Explore the world of music in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Delve into the different genres that include Pop/Rock, Jazz, Sacred, and Hip-Hop along with the traditional sounds of the region.

For the past ten years, MondoMix has been bringing its audience an exclusive look at the sounds and images which are moving and grooving the planet. Since 2005 they have been offering MP3 (265kbps) DRM-free downloads. They make it easy for you to sample songs with a quick thirty-second snippet. Individual tracks are $.99 and albums run around $10.00. While the quality and price is more or less the same as iTunes, you'll be treated to one of the widest selection of world music I've encountered online.