AVR and Two Subwoofers

I want to hook up two Velodyne Impact 10 subwoofers to my Integra DTR-6.5 AVR. Do I need three signal splitters? Will I lose some signal using that many splitters? Should I use the Zone 2 sub output?

Mario B.

You can certainly use a signal splitter to send the AVR's main subwoofer output to two subs—the line-level input impedance of most subs (including the Impact 10) is high enough that connecting two in parallel won't cause any problems with signal level. I'm not sure why you specify three splitters, except that you might be thinking about using both the Left and Right inputs of both subs. This is not necessary, since these inputs are summed internally, so you only need to connect one of them to the sub output from the AVR.

You could use the AVR's Zone 2 output for the second sub, but you'd have to manage the Zone 2 signal—that is, make sure it's assigned to the same source as the main zone, deal with volume, etc.—which, in my opinion, is more trouble than it's worth. Using a single splitter from the main sub output to one of the inputs on each sub will work just fine.

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this is helpful info to me i also wanted to know how to do this myself,i love my bass.i order my 2nd sub now,my wife might say to me what are you trying to do bring the house down lol but i will tell her i love my bass hon.

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I was asking myself the same question since I just got myself the Mythos ST, which has subs inside the tower.

I got a sub Y cable from mediabridge

check them out: http://www.mediabridgeproducts.com/store/pc/Subwoofer-Cables-c43.htm

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I am currently using two Velodyne VX10 subs which are similar to the impact 10's, I'm using a Radio Snack line level output splitter and a Y connector to each sub. Although it's not critical, according to Velodyne, using the Y on some of their ported subs helps increase the initial input levels so that the auto-on function on the sub amp kicks in sooner and works more effectively. Regardless of whether you use the Y's or not, with most applications, in order to get the most from your system you should use an SPL meter and balance the subs levels equally. Also be sure to check for proper phasing between the subs and your other speakers. In most cases setting them both to 180 will do the trick.

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To offset any signal lost due to splitting, just tweak the sub/LFE output on your AVR. I split both sub outputs on my Yamaha RX-V3300 to utilize 2 old school Acoustic Research SW-30s as well as 2 corner loaded Earthquake Supernova MKIV-12s, all of which serve as speaker stands for the music/mains, a pair each of Boston Acoustics VR40s and VR30s. Boston's VR12 center and 360 in-wall surrounds complete my setup. With 6-12 inch and 8-7 inch pistons churning, bass is seldom lacking. Turns out there is no substitute for cubic inches!

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Using a signal splitter to run two subs will not produce any measurable loss.

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Hi I've currently got 4 Psb 6i subs connected to my hometheatre setup ....my Yamaha receiver has dual sub outputs which I'm sure is just a internal split of the of 1.... What I have done is add a splitter to both outputs and adjusted output of each sub to my liking all subs are set at 80hz... My room size is 8 meters squared once set up properly you never go back mate...

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I have two Triton Two towers that have built in Sub's and a stand alone sub, Klipsch Synergy 10. My reciever only has the one sub output so I am using coax cable with rca attachments (bought seperately) into a 3-way splitter. The coax cable, RCA connectors, and 3-way Splitter all purcahsed at Home Depot. Not highend stuff by any means but will do the trick until I upgrade my Reciever to one with dual LFE outputs. During set-up I realized my sub kept blowing a fuse so I have yet to get it all hooked up(sub sent away by Geek Squad getting a new amp I believe). Can't wait to get all three subs pumping!