AudioQuest NightOwl Carbon Headphones Sweepstakes

Register to win a pair of AudioQuest NightOwl Carbon Headphones ($699.00 Retail Value) we are giving away.

According to the company:

A direct descendant of AudioQuest's award-winning NightHawk headphone, the closed-back NightOwl Carbon replaces its predecessor's biomimetic sound-diffusing grille with an intelligently designed aperiodic damping system for excellent isolation of external noise, ensuring privacy for the listener and those nearby.

NightOwl ships with two sets of earpads—Protein Leather Boost Pads for slightly enhanced treble clarity and Ultrasuede pads for slightly reduced bass impact—and includes a high-performance, non-microphonic cable with discrete mic/smartphone controls that enable phone calls and playback functions (Play, Pause, Skip) without compromising sound quality.

NightOwl's distinct packaging is actually an attractive travel case made of genuine leather, featuring a thickly padded internal compartment and accommodations for various headphone accessories. With NightOwl, AudioQuest hopes headphone enthusiasts will feel inspired to listen longer, later, and with greater pleasure, enjoying unsurpassed comfort and deep immersion in music, videos, and games.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

Puffer Belly's picture

I hope I win.

badboy07's picture

the 75th time is the charm for one of these giveaways.

mikesul's picture

It's time for me to win!

Jackblues's picture

Leather boost pads! Send them this way.

zman's picture

Every time I would listen to these it would be like having my own personal ear massage.

ashirin's picture

I could use these

Roger Yeakle's picture

They have really out did their self on these with 1 set of pads for treble and 1 set for bass the best of both worlds

saadmh1's picture

My time to win a decent pair of headphones has finally come!

kevbass's picture

Nice design

johnmotex's picture

Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!

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donny8's picture

I just broke MY focal spirit ones! i need new phones.

aopu.mohsin's picture

That's the question

thehun's picture

It's mine!

Audi O.'s picture

is good

Kenyee's picture

cool name too..should be interesting to see how well a cable company can make headphones...

Eguy's picture

As an owner of two of AudioQuest's excellent Dragonfly dacs it would be great to also have these fine looking set of cans.

duskdrums's picture

Hope to win!

Fargo14's picture

These would get plenty of usage at work.

Spence's picture

They sound like just what my ears need.

Ccondor's picture

These would be a perfect pair for my desktop computer.

uavisuguy24's picture

I've only owned cheap headphones and would love a pair of these.

gscamp7's picture

I hear it's my time to finally win a contest...see what I did there

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tro2892's picture

Thanks for the chance to win !

jmilton7043's picture

...headphones? Who knew?

bamarkoff's picture

These would look perfect wrapped around my head

coxjamb's picture

Been wanting to try these!

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jmedarts's picture

Looks awesome, I'll take a pair!

charliex's picture

I want it!

Nova's picture

Because I probably couldn't convince myself to pay that much for closed headphones.

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jjster6's picture

Call me entered.

mokler's picture

Hello Entered.

mokler's picture

I hope they sound as good as they look.

JayhawkLaw's picture

I've been waiting for these headphones forever. To get them for free would be the ultimate

RichAbe's picture

Awww these would be awesome since my old pair are on their way out

utopianemo's picture

The Nightowl Carbon is a fantastic headphone. Just what I need to replace my Grados, which are getting a bit long in the tooth.

jon s's picture

I would to add this to my audio gear...

seanfriley's picture

I want to win !

sonofjorel59's picture

who doesn't love an upgrade!

Nuz1's picture

Great Contest!'s picture

I like it.

GeorgeCupertino's picture

Big fan.

xgrifter's picture

another great giving away
Now if only I could win

Sirta85's picture

These would sound great with my new headphone amp!

triforce7's picture

I would also consider myself a Night Owl.

N Evans87's picture

Just got a Dragonfly Red and I need something for it to drive. Right now this car has no engine, help me out!

shivasingh's picture

Fingers crossed!

drewdlz's picture


jgirado's picture

My 10 years old Sony MDR-V6 is coming to age! I think the AudioQuest will be an excellent replacement! Cross fingers!

rmesick's picture

I so need these headphones.

stcostello's picture

HEAR the results

Wa11eye's picture

Are these better than the ones I get from goodwill?

rnc1970's picture

I'm happy to have an account at S&V, and would love those 'phones.

uavGopherFan's picture

hearing those new cans

Chigo's picture

Would love a pair of these.

dmineard's picture

The wife would love me to have these so she can enjoy the peace and quiet.

CRISVTAC's picture

It's about time.

denslayer's picture

Some new cans, going on a trip soon

dandycat's picture

I must win these headphones!

specialk's picture

Fingers crossed.

thehive311's picture

pick me

martian's picture

Wonderful new headphones?

pioneer1932's picture

Waiting patiently...

MartiensNel's picture

Wow, it looks good. I bet it will sound even better!!!

rizwankazi's picture

would love these high quality cans

alwool's picture

what an upgrade this would be! thanks!

Underboss2515's picture

I will not win these nice headphones but will try to not be up beat. Good luck to he or she win.

hnickm's picture

I'm not one but would love a pair of. (I know, bad grammar, but reads better)

amann's picture

They'd better sound good for that price.'s picture

Looking forward to hearing how good they sound with my system

Bluejimbop's picture

I am a Night Owl.

candyman49's picture

Choose me please! Could use the NightOwl Carbon Headphones! Thanks!

ednaz's picture

so i'll take the carbon and store it

mars2k's picture

Man I have just gone nuts over headphones outboard dacs and hi rez music, that along with a decent laptop have really improved my ability to sit at my desk until my boss leaves for the day

brianh's picture

good luck everyone!

mikerr's picture

please may i

marc sortino's picture

Who wouldn't love to win these?

matthews99109's picture

Beautiful headphones

imsparky's picture

For the opportunity to win

Mono's picture

Count me in

deepak5555556's picture

current primary headphone of mine is nighthawk wood .Really excited to look for the headphone that present sound with sheer musicality, cohesiveness and natural presentation of nighthawk in closed back.

This headphone is a closedback endgame for me which also substitute a speaker soundfield.So definitely intrested on this context.Count me in.

northwestguy's picture

. . . sure would be nice for once.

kmitch54's picture

Interesting set of cans, I would love to win them.

lliw's picture

Would be a great headset to have and use.

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JMCIII's picture

Please add me in. Thanks.