AudioQuest DragonFly USB Digital-Audio Converter and Sydney Interconnect Sweepstakes

Register to win an AudioQuest DragonFly USB Digital-Audio Converter and Sydney Interconnect (MSRP $478) we are giving away.

According to AudioQuest:

Beautiful Sound ... From Any Computer: DragonFly is an affordable and easy-to-use device that delivers far superior sound by bypassing the poor quality sound card that is built into your computer. DragonFly is a sleek, flash drive sized Digital-Audio Converter that connects to a USB jack on a Mac or Windows PC, turning any computer into a true high- fidelity music source.

Whether you’re on the go or at home, listening on ear buds or connecting your computer to a stereo system, DragonFly reveals all the emotional expression and nuance that makes your favorite music, or movies, so enjoyable. However you connect it, DragonFly simply and easily makes any computer sound better.

Plays All Music Files: MP3 to 24-bit/192kHz
Drives Headphones Directly
Variable Output Drives Powered Speakers or Power Amp
Fixed Output Feeds Preamp or Receiver
Asynchronous Transfer Ensures Digital Timing Integrity
Two Clocks Enable Native Resolution Up To 24-bit/96kHz

For this special sweepstakes, included with DragonFly is a low-distortion AudioQuest Sydney analog interconnect cable with a 3.5mm "mini" plug at the DragonFly end and stereo RCAs at the other end. From AQ's Bridges & Falls series, Sydney is all that's required to connect DragonFly to a full-blown audio rig just like a traditional DAC or disc player, or directly to a power amplifier. Sydney employs superior materials and design, including solid Perfect-Surface Copper+ conductors, air-tube insulation, and AudioQuest's 3-layer Noise-Dissipation System for low distortion and high performance.

Click here for more info from Audioquest.

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Wouldn't that be nice! Thank you for the great giveaways.

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You guys are killing it! I can only imagine how great this must sound!

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Who wouldn't want high-fidelity audio from their computer? :)

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I've read a lot of good reviews for the DragonFly USB DAC and would love to get my hands on one.

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I'd love to win this!

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This has been receiving good reviews. It would be nice to win this and put it to use with high resolution audio files.

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Been looking at this for a while. Would be great to win one.

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Portable DAC me like!

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My headphones cry when I connect them to my computer. This would make them happy again!

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Of course I'd like to win this!

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Oh, me me me me!!! This would be a great duo with my Bowers and Wilkins P5's on my next flight :)

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(Too obvious?)

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I'd enjoy owning these fine products.

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...WHEN I win it!

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You guys always give away stuff that I am looking to buy! Hopefully I'll win this time!

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Good luck to everyone!

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I would love to have one. Thanks.

sirrobin732's picture me, that is. :-)

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Count me in!

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Nice sweepstakes offer, I'm a big Audioquest fan.

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I would love to get one of these...I dont have much experience with AudioQuest and would love to give this a try!

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Would love to win.

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Early Xmas gift for me. Thanks!!!

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I've been reading reviews and it appears to be a winner.

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Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!

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I've been needing one of these!

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I'd use it if I had it.

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Would love to win this!'s picture

I want to win and I promise to share with the rest of the family.

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I'll take one.

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This would be fantastic.

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Big fan of the site, good luck to all.

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Mr. PITA here...Why Don't You Start Calling Me Gordon!!!

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I here nothing but good things about Audioquest. This would be a great entry product to get me hooked .

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NOW, please.....

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Pick me! Pick me!

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The quickening is upon us. So give me that DAC.

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just what i need

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have wadia i170 transport would love to compare the two

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Doesn't like free swag?

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I have been eyeing this product for awhile now. It would be awesome to win one!

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This would be a huge improvement to my headphone out right now!

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I like dragonflys?

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I like dragonflys?

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What a great combination!

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What a great combination!

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What an awesome early Birthday present that would be.

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eed this so badly ... i had to use 3 more e's

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One Entry please.

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Merry Xmass to me!!

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Can you say HI-END computer audio!

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I really like this!

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Would love to win

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I hope I win! :D

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Would really like to try it out.

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This would be great in my office.

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Fingers crossed.

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I so need this (my headphone jack on my precious laptop is broken) and I so want to this!! to try out on my HTPC.

Question, how is $498 affordable for a USB sized DAC?

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Need now

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I need this more than you can imagine ! ... new to buying FLAC's and my computer card could definitely use some help !

Very Awesome Concept, I will definitely be considering one of these

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Are Canadians allowed to participate?
...Or is it a contest only for the US citizens?

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This would be great!

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Here's my chance!

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Thanks for the contest.

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Always nice to have a contest to enter.

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Nice, thanks for the contest

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This would go nicely with the new iMac I will be ordering in December. I am a huge fan of Audioquest!

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I could use this!

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I promise, I'll use it the most out of any of the commenters!

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Would just FLY with my equipment !!!!

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I would love to win, looks like an amazing piece of audio equipment.

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I heard this on a hifishow this weekend and it sounded awesome. I would love to have one of these.

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I've been looking to purchase one of these.

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I have a cow-orker with one of these, and it sounds pretty great on the occasions I've played with it. I'd love to get one for myself.

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Little Dragon wants dragonfly over to party with his PC!

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would love to have one!!

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would be great if i could win it

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I'd love one of these, thank you.

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Looks like a good addition to the laptop for road trips.

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It would be nice if I can win one, and show it to everyone so everybody can enojoy high resolution music !!!

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I got to hear one at RMAF, and was very impressed. A lovely product.

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Awesome product. Would love to give it a go!

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I have read about this product and I want one.

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This would be great.

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Have heard this and would love to get it - AUDIOQUEST cables are a nice perk

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I've been curious about this one.


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Good luck to all!