Anthem AVM 50v Preamp/processor Page 3


The Sigma Designs VXP processor in Anthem's AVM 50v delivered consistently excellent video performance. It passed most of the tests contained on both the Spears & Munsil and HQV (BD and DVD) discs, including those used to check 2:3 and 2:2 processing; clips for subjectively evaluating deinterlacing of video-based programs also revealed VXP's strong advantage over the processors found in many TVs and some Blu-ray players we've tested recently. There was no sign of belowblack or above-white clipping, although some compression of highlight detail could be seen on standard-def signals entering via a component-video input. (HD component switching looked fine.) Both the block and mosquito noise-reduction adjustments proved effective in cleaning up noisy images. However, the block mode also tended to smooth over picture detail at settings beyond the 25% mark.