Acoustic Research Outdoor Speakers Set You Free

You could crank up the sound system in your car. You could open your windows and use your home theater. I guess you could even turn on your phone and have everyone keep really quiet. But the best way to enjoy tunes out on the patio is to buy an outdoor speaker. Outdoor speakers are typically portable, cordless, and water resistant, provide a bit of fidelity even if it's not always high. AR has some nice new ones for your outdoor listening pleasure

Acoustic Research has carved itself a niche in the market of outdoor speakers. At CES they are showing an expanded lineup for Spring 2015. Specifically, you'll find the creatively named Hatteras, Glendale, Pasadena, and Orleans, arranged into three series. The Elite series comprises the Hatteras (MSRP $220). Stylistically inspired by lighthouses, it stands a mighty two-feet tall. It has Bluetooth, mood lighting, 360-degree dimmer-controlled ambient lighting, is weather and UV resistant, and outputs 40 watts. It even features diffused or bass-driven dance lighting.

The Premier series comprises the Glendale ($120) and Pasadena ($100). They deliver 10 watts and can be paired for stereo playback with a combined 20 watts. They can be powered with an AC adapter and the Glendale can also run off AA batteries while the Pasadena has a rechargeable battery. The Limited series comprises the Orleans ($100) with 10 watts, 10-12 hours with AA batteries, or AC-adapter power. Yes, I know what you are thinking. Outdoor speakers—not the most thrilling new products from CES. And yes, they are a far cry from the legendary AR-3a not to mention the AR turntable. But, at your next pool party, they'll add way more fun than even your biggest new TV.