Ken C. Pohlmann

Ken C. Pohlmann  |  Nov 20, 2023  |  1 comments
For reasons we'd rather not discuss here, it's 4 AM and you're driving to Ellijay. Cold rain turning to snow. And you're hungry. Everything's closed. Then you spot the familiar yellow sign. You know 'em. You love 'em. It's a Waffle House. Turn signal, brake lights.

Ken C. Pohlmann  |  Nov 13, 2023  |  1 comments
Has this ever happened to you? You’re cruising down the boulevard, listening to your favorite music on your favorite radio station, then suddenly your infotainment system goes dead. WTH? If you were driving a Mazda, this might sound all too familiar.
Ken C. Pohlmann  |  Nov 06, 2023  |  2 comments
I know, I know. You already have plenty to worry about. And I hate to do this to you. But, as a professional “journalist,” it is my sworn duty to deliver content that gives people sleepless nights. So, I present to you, The Buzzer. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Ken C. Pohlmann  |  Oct 23, 2023  |  2 comments
Constantly running from the room to check his text messages. His whispered late-night phone calls. Lipstick on his collar. Honey, even if you didn't see it, we knew hell was ready to break loose. Then last Monday, your TV and Netflix had a real blow up. I know, I know. Breaking up always breaks your heart. But I think it's better this way.

Ken C. Pohlmann  |  Oct 09, 2023  |  1 comments
So, it's come to this. New TVs will have a sticker to verify that they can't be hacked. Or, maybe they can be hacked. We're not sure. The logo in the illustration isn't some goofy thing I cooked up to punk you. It is a genuine logo, backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government. So you know it's a good thing.

Ken C. Pohlmann  |  Sep 25, 2023  |  1 comments
“For a number of years now, work has been proceeding in order to bring perfection to the crudely conceived idea of a machine that would not only supply inverse reactive current for use in unilateral phase detractors, but would also be capable of automatically synchronizing cardinal grammeters. Such a machine is the Turbo-Encabulator.”

Ken C. Pohlmann  |  Sep 18, 2023  |  1 comments
Classical music has a problem. A tiny company, and the world’s largest technology company, both think they have the answer. They are strapping on their powdered wigs and stepping onto the podium. May the best baton win.
Ken C. Pohlmann  |  Sep 11, 2023  |  1 comments
What's the deal with the sound systems in Ford F-150 pickup trucks? You're driving along, minding your own business, when suddenly an ear-splitting noise erupts from your speakers. No, it's (probably) not a demon from hell. But whatever it is, something is very, very wrong with your truck.

Ken C. Pohlmann  |  Aug 28, 2023  |  7 comments
I remember it like it was yesterday. I was consulting for a car company and I needed to A/B two tweeters. I dashed over to the nearest RadioShack and picked up a speaker-switching box. Crazy to think about it now – a brick-and-mortar store selling something like that. Of course, RadioShack is just a distant memory now. Or is it? Is RadioShack making a comeback?

Ken C. Pohlmann  |  Aug 14, 2023  |  1 comments
In 1697, in the play The Mourning Bride, British poet William Congreve wrote, “Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast. To soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak.” As it turns out, music also has the power to make us buy more stuff.