3net Demo

One of the sessions in the Content Theater was presented by 3net, the 24/7 3D channel co-created by Imax, Discovery Channel, and Sony and currently available on DirecTV. In addition to the big projected image, six 42-inch Sony monitors located along the walls were showing the same content so we could see what it looks like on a typical home display, for which 3net's original content is designed.

The clips we saw were from several upcoming 3net programs, including Bullproof, a reality series about four rodeo bull wranglers; High Octane, about various extreme sports; 3D Safari Africa, a 90-minute travelogue; and Experience 3D, which focuses on different activities, in this case hot-air ballooning.

All the clips looked gorgeous—it was clear that the producers of these shows are taking 3D seriously. For example, they're all shot in native 3D rather than being converted 2D. Also, they tend to use wider-angle lenses and get closer to the action than typical 2D camerawork, which shortens the depth of field and heightens the 3D effect, though it can also be dangerous for the camera operator, especially in the rodeo ring!