30 Iconic Voices American Idol Would Hate Page 2

Biz Markie

Judges Say: I've worked with Beethoven. And you're no Beethoven.

Kurt Cobain

Judges Say: Is he singing words? Not that mentally-challenged contestants aren't welcome, of course.

John Lennon

Judges Say: Imagine there's no nasal-sounding hippies on AI. It's easy if you try.

Paul Robeson

Judges Say: Get your own shtick. We already have a Barry White.

Bon Scott

Judges Say: Lewd gestures in Paula's direction won't win him votes. But it did get her phone number.


Judges Say: No, no, not the bat, no... SECURITY!!!

Bruce Springsteen

Judges Say: New Jersey makes me want to do a lot of things. "Sing" is not one of them.

David Bowie

Judges Say: In space, no one should hear you sing.

Tom Petty

Judges Say: I look at him and I think, "Donkey." I hear him and I think… "Donkey."

Thom Yorke

Judges Say: That's not singing. That's a seizure.

Roy Orbison

Judges Say: Just checking through the AI checklist: Ugly man? Nope. Two jeweler's loops for glasses? Nope. Sings like an operatic girl? Nope. Guess that's a wrap.

Jerry Garcia

Judges Say: Santa Claus: The Early Years

Lou Reed

Judges Say: He drones on like a high school science teacher. Makes me hope for detention.

Neil Young

Judges Say: This dud's for you.

Joey Ramone

Judges Say: I think Howard Stern is trying to punk us.