2001: A DVD Odyssey Top-Rated DVDs From the Past

Top-Rated DVDs From the Past

Amistad (DreamWorks)
Blues Brothers 2000 (Universal)
Contact (Warner)
Daylight (Universal)
EDtv (Universal)
Face/Off (Paramount)
Glory (Columbia TriStar)
The Haunting (DreamWorks)
Jumanji (Columbia TriStar)
The Matrix (Warner)
Mouse Hunt (DreamWorks)
Saving Private Ryan (DreamWorks)
Soldier (Warner)
The Thirteenth Floor (Columbia TriStar)

The Fifth Element (Columbia TriStar)
Godzilla (Columbia TriStar)
An Ideal Husband (Miramax)
Lost in Space (New Line)
Muppets from Space (Columbia TriStar)
Philadelphia (Columbia TriStar)
Prince of Egypt (DreamWorks)
Screamers (Columbia TriStar)
Shakespeare in Love (Miramax)
The Shawshank Redemption (Warner)
Tarzan: Collector's Edition (Disney)
The Wedding Singer (New Line)

Sound and Picture
City of Angels (Warner)
Dances With Wolves (Orion/DTS)
Fools Rush In (Columbia TriStar)
Ghost in the Shell (Manga)
Starship Troopers (Columbia TriStar)