Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Déjà vu Sweepstakes!

Register to win one of two Rhino Déjà vu 50th Anniversary Deluxe D2C Vinyl Editions (value $250.00 each), or a limited edition 16"x20" Henry Diltz photo signed by all four members of CSNY (value: $1,500/priceless) we are giving away.

According to Rhino:
This version is only available for purchase on the official CSNY store and Rhino Store, and features the remastered original album and four additional LPs of demos, outtakes, early versions, and alternate versions of songs recorded during the Déjà vu sessions.


Presented as a 5 LP set in a beautiful box with a 12 x 12 softcover book, the collection comes illustrated with rarely seen photos from the era and annotated by writer/filmmaker Cameron Crowe, whose revealing liner notes recount the making of the album through stories told by the people who were there, including David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash, and Neil Young.

Déjà vu was the most-anticipated new album in America in 1970. More than 50 years later, it's one of the most famous albums in rock history with legendary songs, including “Carry On” and “Teach Your Children,” that still resonate today.

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Signed Original Photo
Also offered is a 1969 group photo by Henry Diltz in California as seen in the Special Edition "Déjà vu" 50th Anniversary Reissue. Signed by the photographer and is #9 in an edition of 10.


The 16"x20" photo itself sells for $1,500, but what makes this a priceless edition is that it was signed in 2021 for our readers by all four members of CSNY: David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash and Neil Young.


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[This Sweepstakes is now Closed.]

shlabotnik's picture

I'll purchase this set if I'm not lucky enough to win one (though perhaps I would prefer the signed photo).

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Would love to have this box set!

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All over again!

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Enter me, please.

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So that signed photo would be the perfect complement!

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I sure would like this on my turntable!

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That photo sure is a nice one.

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Enter me...I want to win!

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I'd like to teach my children well....About this Iconic recording on Vinyl.....

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sign me up!'s picture

One of the most talented musical groups of all time.

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and to think, I almost cut my hair today

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Classic album

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I hope I win!

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This should be an awesome release!

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I remember buying the original LP when it first came out. Still have it. Would love to add the box set to my collection.

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W O W!! I'd love to win this.

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My comment. I never win anything.

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Looks great, sure it sounds great.

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Got mine 2 weeks ago, very nice. Always looking for top quality re-issues

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Have collected the Jethro Tull and Cat Stevens 50th sets so far, CSNY would be a logical next step!

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I play my copy of the first-release LP all the time. A wonderful album!

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CDs should be recognized for triggering countless remasters of original tapes, and Rhino is one of the best at resurrecting classic content. I'm glad to see them supporting the resurgence of vinyl, but also happy that they're continuing to put out CDs.

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I love this LP!

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One entry from Colorado

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My turntable is craving this set!

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Yes, please!

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Count me in

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One of the greatest groups of all time.

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What awesome prizes. Hook me up.

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This would be an amazing prize to bring home.

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Would be great to add to my collection.

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Would absolutely love to have this album set!

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Me want

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Would love to have them both. That autographed photo would be framed & mounted in my listening room.

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Wishing i would win.'s picture

This is the ultimate set for true fans,of the band and vinyl!

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Set me up!

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Hope I win, love CSNY!

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Already have the Half Speed Master, this would be a nice complement!
Sign me up!

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Not sure my turntable is worthy but im gonna find out !

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Thanks for the chance to win this amazing prize!

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Loved the original!

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Such sweet music. I think I went through 3 vinyl copes just by earing them down. From 'Carry On', the first song to 'Everybody I Love You', the last, it is a masterpiece. Much respect to the musicians and anybody who was involved in this project.

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Fantastic album. Still playing the original vinyl I bought back in 1970. Hope I win this prize.

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This looks like such a great set. I hope the mastering is good. I hope I win too!

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Great Album ! One of the best of all time, always sounded great on the turntable. I would love to have a new copy of this vinyl.

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5o years and still can't get over those great harmonies

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This sounds great!

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Have enjoyed this site for years. As to the contest, the 16"x20" photo would look great on my wall.

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Wow, what a box set! I hope that I'm lucky enough to win it.

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Love this album's picture

Count me in - I wanna win!

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Great album, beautiful photograph!

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Good luck to me

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Hope I win this fantastic prize.

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Would love the signed photo