Denon HEOS HomeCinema Soundbar & Subwoofer Sweepstakes

Register to win a Denon HEOS HomeCinema Soundbar & Subwoofer ($799.00 Retail Value) we are giving away.

According to the company:

As TVs get thinner, so does their sound quality. HEOS HomeCinema delivers true wide range high fidelity audio, for maximum enjoyment of TV shows, movies and your favorite music tracks.

HEOS HomeCinema soundbar features bi-amplified mid-woofers and tweeters with advanced DSP processing working in perfect concert with the wireless subwoofer.

Featuring Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS decoding, HEOS HomeCinema decodes movie and music surround soundtracks into their original discrete channels and applies our advanced proprietary DSP to deliver an immersive Virtual Surround sound experience.

The included wireless subwoofer with dual 5.25" drivers delivers powerful deep bass with flat response and low distortion thanks to precision DSP audio tuning.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

rinaldok's picture

This would go great with my new Samsung 4K!

slumkid's picture

...been looking for a quality soundbar

FordTang's picture

Thank you!

otaku313's picture

Would definitely upgrade my ancient Aquos.

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Majesticles's picture

I would love to win this!!

hnickm's picture

My mother could use better speakers.

Arnaud32's picture

and that would be such a lovely present!!!!

true audio's picture

Would make a wonderful gift for my daughter & son in law !

Jackblues's picture

I like Denon, send it this way.

HKFan's picture

I need one bad!

Adnan's picture

please :)

bears_t2's picture

Love to try this one out.

Joslyn's picture

Been looking for a sound bar

TowerTone's picture

I'm pretty sure this will reverse my mother's dementia....

bonk's picture

drum roll please...

jdrehrig's picture

Any new flat panel has terrible audio. A great soundbar is a must!

smelonakos's picture

I'd love to win...can't wait!

cheechee's picture

I'll take it.

runwild01's picture

Would love to get this for my family that relies on the the built-in speakers on the TV. No more terrible sound!

DolopT's picture

May I have them, please?

Dmerin99's picture

Sounds great!

jthomp27's picture

Would love to add this my Heos collection for my living room!

Ethyl's Fred's picture

Pick me!

supersubbu's picture


mohipillai's picture

I have seen a demo of this in a couple of stores and always wanted to get one. Have been trying to save up to get it but not there it. Would love to see this go to the someone who would enjoy it thoroughly!
Good luck everyone!

Puffer Belly's picture

I hope I win

tecsk8r2002's picture

Would love to have that in my bedroom

Pogodaddy13's picture

This would be great since kids make it impossible to put up the surround sound.

denslayer's picture

Would become me in bedroom

jabjc's picture

Would love to set this up for my mother who loves TV and music.'s picture

Cannot wait to hook it up to my TV.'s picture

Can't wait to hook it up to my TV.

Mike Ratledge's picture

If this soundbar system is anything like the wonderful Denon 9.2 receivers I have heard, it is definitely worth investing. Sign me up!

Cooya beach man's picture

Would love to have Cinema sound at home

scherwitz's picture

This will sound great with the OLED TV Santa will bring ( opps - I don't think I was supposed to know that ).

Krakalaka's picture

I would love to finally have something to help make our living room into a home theater.

mikerr's picture

Thank you

gputty's picture

This would make a great bedroom system!

Mbrm's picture

This would be an amzing gift for my father!

esapper's picture

This would be nice to win!

Metallica's picture

great addition

Benjamin-0103's picture

This would complement the heos set up I currently have and enjoy.

sixsigmaguy's picture

Santa I know I haven't been very good but I really want a Denon HEOS HomeCinema Soundbar & Subwoofer....Please

Fargo14's picture

I have a perfect place for this in my bedroom.

jmilton7043's picture


uavisuguy24's picture

The sound coming from our tv in our living room is terrible. This would be a great upgrade!

milan.turner's picture

I'd love to win this!

Audi O.'s picture

interested in trying out HEOS

von Krag's picture

This would work in my home.

weisgerberw's picture

A perfect addition to our summer home

Gf0rc3's picture

I want one!

d-oski's picture

soundbar nice

Nuz1's picture

Would love to start a HEOS whole home system with this sound bar!

JayhawkLaw's picture

This would solve so many domestic debates

matthews99109's picture

Perfect system for the bedroom.

cgorab's picture

I want it

Rapido5's picture

This would go great in my new man cave!!!

totallynot.mitch's picture


PNeski's picture

Need this for my Mom

Spence's picture

Would be a delightful Christmas present.

murraymartini's picture

This would be great for xmas!

tstevusa's picture

renewing my subscription

tonydz77's picture

this would be a awesome christmas present!!

Bogd19's picture

This would be great for my game room!

jlinclk's picture

and Happy Holidays!

Sticks87's picture

Please see subject line...

roboto79's picture

I hope I win this!

sirdan357's picture

I could really use this.

xgrifter's picture

This would be a great addition To my tv

bwilberg266's picture

Could really use this with the Living Room TV!

AaronSB's picture

This would be so awesome for my bedroom TV!
Thanks for the opportunity

Brandon Iron's picture

the key here for my wife is "wireless subwoofer"!

EnergySpeakerFanatic's picture

I remember getting a Denon receiver in '98. It still works and was the beginning of my home theater experience. I would love to get this soundbar.

diablo561's picture

This would be great for my bedroom

masterklee's picture

Always willing to try new tech.'s picture

Would love to have this!

dmineard's picture

This is a nice item for a drawing. Would love to win it and write a review.

jmontyb's picture

Me Please

Brown Sound's picture

My son would love this!

Underboss2515's picture

It will be great to hear the sound when the playoff football starts in January. Good luck to the winner of this sweepstakes. Happy holidays to all.

Srchamb's picture

Would love to win this!

Turf63's picture

I love seeing these things coming back but being of high quality and rivaling small satellite speaker setups

mars2k's picture

Soundbars required

crg76's picture

Yes Please

jjb7272's picture

Denon Heos under my tree????

pohlmanc's picture

Love it

Goyoishere's picture

Very much need a quality sounder like this. Kindly put my name in the hat. :)

Grindex44's picture

This would go great with my Denon AVR!

alwool's picture

This will be put to good use. Thank you very much