Updated: OPPO BDP-105 Universal Audiophile 3D Blu-ray Disc Player Sweepstakes

[Note: We've upgraded the prize for this sweepstakes - everyone who has already left a comment is automatically entered for the new prize - do not re-enter.]

Register to win an OPPO BDP-105 Universal Audiophile 3D Blu-ray Disc Player (MSRP $1199.00) we are giving away.

According to Oppo:

The OPPO BDP-105 is designed from the ground up with components optimized for enhanced analog audio performance. The OPPO BDP-105 features an all-new analog audio stage powered by two ESS Sabre32 Reference Digital-to-Analog Converters (DAC), balanced (XLR) & unbalanced (RCA) dedicated stereo outputs, a Toroidal linear power supply, and asynchronous USB DAC input. These high-grade components are housed in a rigidly constructed metal chassis and work together to deliver exceptionally detailed and accurate sound quality along with reference quality video.

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darkhorse's picture

My wife really wants me to win this Oppo BDP-105!!!

Matt100's picture

I always wanted a OPPO! Pick ME!

grapes13's picture

Oh my, I've been wanting this so bad! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!! Lol

alangtknox's picture

Thanks for the opportunity

pamplona62's picture

Mine all mine...

stilespj's picture

That OPPO is calling my name.


DarthPraxis's picture

And it shall be MINE!

Avplayer's picture

Oh please let me win this!

shafbm01's picture

Very slick! PLease upgrade my Vid potential!

Fiddler's picture

A fantastic player to bring out the analog of digital discs!

moxxymig's picture

but I'll wait until you announce it formally.

Seed65's picture

I am in dire need of an Oppo BDP 105 so I can keep my new year's resolution of only listening to high quality audio! :)

dnoonie's picture

Awesome work OPPO. I would certainly appreciate an OPPO BDP 105!

swing's picture

I do not have any blu-ray player.My budget does not allow to purchase "toys".

rookietheaterjunkie's picture

I have been dreaming of this opportunity.

leonardo's picture

I'm dreaming with an Oppo BDP-105 since I read the reviews and manual and realized it would be the perfect source for my dream stereo system, connected directly to a Parasound Halo A21 amp...
I never won any sweepstakes, and never wanted to win one so bad!

bbelknap's picture

Need the DAC for my computer

johnnydrama's picture

Maybe now is the time

mtaylor7915's picture

I would love one of these babies!

scapindino's picture

Just upgraded an AV receiver with NAD. Winning a OPPO BDP 95 or 105 would great to complete the system

jlb500's picture

Oppo please!

RichB's picture

I used to believe that all digital was best to your AVR.
Since the BDP-95, I have moved to the 7.1 and Balanced inputs.

What a difference. The sounds is much more natural, voices are full, and bass is increased. Perhaps, it's jitter, additional processing, the sound that the processor is imparting. I cannot say for sure.

One thing is for sure, analog out is a marvel.

- Rich

moosefan's picture

if I win how long will it sit in customs lol, 3-6 weeks? the wait will be worth it.

Jimmyraybob's picture

Looks great!!!

Jimmyraybob's picture

Looks great!!!

notabadname's picture

Ooh, ooh, pick me :)

nmdisc's picture

Oppo gangnam style!

Gotta have a contemporary cultural reference in there somewhere..

black hole's picture

Will be a nice addition to my home theater.

GabeL's picture

What an opportunity! Thanks so much for this. I have owned an Oppo player for many years and would love to upgrade with this BDP-105. As I own CD, SACD, DVD-Audio, and Blu-Ray discs, this player would be an ideal quality universal player for the collection. Please please with sugar on top pick me :)

Thank you!

Sir Bean's picture

please enter me in contest

Chrisdemarse's picture

Light up my ears and eyes with the bdp 105!

Mkellyvich's picture

Can't do much better than the BDP-105 - send it my way!

Jimmyraybob's picture


trick211's picture

Love my OPPO! A new one would be loved even more!

marmamvet's picture


siddhantjohri's picture

Just bought the BDP 103. It makes my older blu ray players from Yamaha and Sony feel like toys. No comparison whatsoever. Team Oppo you guys rule this space.

Hope to bag your flagship model:)

Bacot11's picture

Fingers seriously crossed.

mrosas's picture

What a great prize offering!

flamingpanties's picture

Thanks for the Oppo-tunity to win this great prize.

cupmania's picture

i have never won a single thing this would be something nice for a first win!!

Influence's picture

Time for an upgrade from my BDP-83

audiohead's picture

Wouldn't be OPPOsed to winning

bait3582's picture

Very Nice! Need another Oppo!!!

mamccormick's picture

Awesome player!!

ptshrp's picture


korotko's picture

The only thing better than an OPPO is a FREE OPPO. Please ship ASAP

chrisr's picture

Would be an awesome addition for this audio/videophile on a budget.

Pony Coyote's picture

Love to win!

steelers1979's picture

Would love to experience my Blu-Ray collection on the Oppo. Want to see and hear what this machine can do.

lopro's picture

sweet stuff

Micelli's picture


robwazzo's picture

I'll take it!

tsola's picture

Yes please.

emartinezpr's picture

I'm currently drooling just fantasizing about it. LOL.

Al Vergara's picture

Thank you!!!

Illmatic's picture

My fingers are crossed to win this baby!

sinbon's picture

oppo rules!

kayy22's picture

This would be a great addition to my home theater!

Anthem's picture

Awesome prize, it'd be a great way to upgrade my system.

true audio's picture

This is definitly the give away of the year! I'll make sure I roll out the red carpet, spot lights, and orchestra! I've been Sabin for this player !

busa8's picture

So your telling me there's a chance....c'mon Yahtzee!

afloydfreak's picture

Please Please Yes Yes. I need one of these very badly, but I'm broke!

christopher3393's picture

Listening to Palladian Ensemble's 'JS Bach - Sonatas and Chorals
streaming through MOG on my pc to an OPPO 105 right now using the new usb input. Sounds very good. This unit is still returnable, so I don't mind receiving a free one, thanks.

edkeef's picture

Thanks Home Theater.com for a chance to own this amazing player ! Truly would be a dream come true !

WooferLuke's picture

This would be a blessing!!!!

carl123's picture

pick me!! Pick me!!!

sumplacenwa's picture

Would love this fine piece of equipment to start my new build....WIN WIN WIN!!!

CanonDude's picture

Still using the BDP-83 and with the firmware updates this player still rocks. I can't afford to upgrade to a newer player since my wife became disabled. But I still can dream about it. Good luck to all!

reedciman's picture

I'll take one. It would be a dream come true.

jmedarts's picture

Yes Please!

tscott's picture

If it's for free - It's for me

aburwell's picture

I would love to have this in my theater!!!

bikelee's picture

As long as the BDP-105 keeps the predecessor (BDP-95)'s excellent sound and video performance, the BDP-105 would be a true winner!

gwang8's picture

Great prize.

Gas man's picture

Can't wait to add this to my rack!

jepster1759's picture

Come to Pappa! I've got a spot on my rack waiting for you!

preaves's picture


pbhatt's picture

Would love to replace my Sony.

Montrouges's picture

That would be a dream come true. This is a great prize! Even if I do not win, Thank you guys for offering it.

Djitoy's picture

Gotta Have It!!!

luckyhometheater's picture

That's right, I went there.

kewilson's picture

Also would love the chance to compare it to my Arcam dvd player and Pioneer blu-ray player.

jessed3643's picture

Would be great to get one of these!

neda's picture

I would love to own this audio art!

jplangston76's picture

Yes, i could not even express how blown away i would be to win this!! AWESOME giveaway!!!!

billybaudiophile's picture

my BDP 83 wants a new friend

thepoats's picture


nosogirl's picture

Wow! This is a great giveaway. What a fun addition to my home theater system this would be!

firemanal1681's picture

Bought 2 OPPO's so far and love them both!

fatjulio's picture

The 105 is a great machine