Polk Audio UltraFocus 8000 Headphones Sweepstakes

Register to win a set of Polk Audio UltraFocus 8000 Headphones Sweepstakes (MSRP $349.95) we are giving away.

According to Polk:

In the UltraFocus 8000, Polk has distilled 40 years of knowledge from our high-performance home speakers to craft a superb headphone listening experience. That’s because we believe the quality of the sound you want to hear, your music, is more important than those you want to cancel.

The UltraFocus 8000 produces a truly amazing sound as easily on an airline or train, as it will at home in front of your stereo system. With SecureFit support, generously cushioned ear pads and Active Noise Canceling technology, you’ll hear your music with extraordinary clarity and detail, even around high levels of ambient noise. Polk’s patented Dynamic Balance Driver Technology, combines with active noise canceling and passive noise isolation, to produce an audiophile-grade listening experience.

In addition, an on-ear 3 button remote control and an in-line microphone enable you to use IPod, iPad and IPhones anytime, anywhere. There’s also a push-to-hear ambient control that mutes the audio and amplifies outside sounds, so you can hear without removing the headphones. Details that add to an enjoyable listening experience include an ultra-flexible, tangle-free audio cable, made of non-microphonic material, that eliminates exterior sound transfer, and a lightweight carbon fiber headband for a snug yet comfortable over-ear fit.

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grtgrfx's picture

These could be a great addition to our headset collection, which includes Sennheiser, Shure and Klipsch models. Hope I'm the lucky winner!

RSherow's picture

I know that you can't see my hand in the air but, "pick me, pick me,ooo, ooo, pick me"!

66pens's picture

Pick Me

corday2005's picture

this would be a nice addition to my dj setup

mulderico's picture

They look wonderful. Have always loved high quality audio in headphones!
Bet these sound better than mine...

sschantz's picture

Just re-did my home theater with polk audio speakers. Couldnt be happier.

Gigboy's picture

I have been looking at various headphones lately. I could really use these as my kids have thrashed my others.

chuckd1991's picture

I would love to have these for when my wife is sleeping and I want to use the computer.

chuckd1991's picture

I would love to have these for when my wife is sleeping and I want to use the computer.

cbdrum1's picture

Love the look of those headphones, they would great for my birthday (in 2 days!).

Chand88's picture

My wife will use this Polk Audio Noise Canceling Headphones for her favorite music, While I shake my Home Theater!!!!!

Thank you Home Theater and Polk Audio!


kaz555's picture

Those look great.

gap's picture

Nice looking. Bet they sound great too.

huskerwinner's picture


Asiandude's picture

I would love to have an opportunity to enjoy this headphone.

jangier's picture

I could use a pair.

mdevivo's picture

These WOULD make a great birthday present!

Zombiecrue's picture

I want it now!

barredar's picture

Great offer! I'll take them!

ModifiedPhoto's picture

Carbon fiber and fold up design? I need these nowish!

ModifiedPhoto's picture

Oops double post! Sorry.

wotallday's picture

Polk´s for folks like me.......

shakatak's picture

Great headphones, can't wait to put them on.

aschmit2k's picture

I would like to get in on this.


DickieDavid's picture

Your Ultrafocus 8000 Headphones might take me into the music and out of this world. Show me.

stephenbrown2's picture

this is not profane

realjustice@hotmail.com's picture

Polk is amazing, had them in my car for ages. Would love to hear these phones!

rprice54's picture

new headphones would rock!

AlanDel's picture

I didn't know Polk was making headphones. Nice.

jr2137's picture


fsum242's picture

It's amazing how subtle changes and upgrades can enhance even the simplest of things! Good Job Polk!

lodigg1's picture

This earphone is Breath Taking and I would love to have them and they would be a Wonderful present to myself! Thanks again for the giveaway!

wingman1659's picture

And I thought there was no way I could like you guys much more...

Frankonwheels's picture

I will now be able to listen to all my obscure Latvian Polka music in peace, without being harassed by local middle-schoolers wielding clubs.

alwool's picture

These would be greatly appreciated
and put to good use

mattzelazny@yahoo.com's picture


TJ Will's picture

noise cancellation and a premium brand . Sweet.

chainsaw12117's picture

These would be nice

Kevinto's picture

I've been rockin out with Polk's for years. This would be another great way to do it.

cardan12a@gmail.com's picture

I got a chance to listen to them at a local Atlanta Store. Great sound! I would use them every day!

zolton_c's picture

yes please!!!!!!!!!!

mrfranc's picture

Love to get my hands on these beauty.

rohmer's picture

Haven't used headphones in a while, but I would love to try these.

rohmer's picture

Haven't used headphones in a while, but I would love to try these.

qiana79's picture

my husband would love this for gaming

jazzinfluenced's picture

Please, I would love to see what headphones are all about?

argenco's picture

These look very promising!

Barrett McCann's picture

Me! Me!!

paul6565's picture

It would be so nice for Polk to provide a vastly superior noise-cancelling set of headphones. Here's hoping!

axejazz's picture


engineering dynamo's picture

nothing to see here, move along

dlee1212's picture

That's awesome. Hope to get my hands on one of these. Could be a gift from Home Theatre!

mlski100's picture

I LOVE Polk!! So glad they made these headphones!

smokeybones98's picture

I would LOVE to own a pair of these exceptional headphones....

peakguy's picture

Those would work out nicely with my system, please.

kfhonline's picture

I have had Polk Audio speakers for over 25 years and have always loved them. I would love to get to experience these new Polk headphones.

kfhonline's picture

I have had Polk Audio speakers for over 25 years and have always loved them. I would love to get to experience these new Polk headphones.

Sjaxkingpin's picture

I sure would like to win a pair!

Wadestark's picture

I could REALLY use some new headphones!

Good luck everyone :)

utopianemo's picture

I've always respected Polk Audio as a speaker manufacturer; I'd bet these headphones sound fantastic.

andrerob's picture

A pair of the Polk Audio UltraFocus 8000 headphones would be a nice prize for my first time winning a sweepstakes!

Thanks for the chance Home Theater.

jwgreiner's picture

Polk is an industry leader in speakers, I'd love these headphones.

MCCUNEJOHN's picture


wcellon467's picture

Polk Audio speakers were the first quality speakers I ever bought. These would be a nice additon as well!

clemsonengineering's picture

A new set of headphones would be great!

alevy55's picture

Looks like good quality headphones, I'm dreaming.