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Scott Wilkinson  |  Jul 23, 2010  |  4 comments

I first heard about British high-end manufacturer dCS many years ago when I read a white paper from the company extolling the audible virtue of PCM digital audio recorded and played back at 192kHz with 24-bit resolution. Since then, it seems that dCS has embraced DSD—the digital-audio format used by SACD—in its CD/SACD playback systems, including the all-in-one Puccini.

Scott Wilkinson  |  Aug 26, 2010  |  0 comments
Last month, I profiled the Puccini CD/SACD player from British dCS, an all-in-one package and the company's least-expensive audio-disc spinner at a mere $18,000. At the other end of the scale is the Scarlatti, a 3-box system that costs—well, a lot more.
Scott Wilkinson  |  Sep 21, 2009  |  0 comments

I've always loved <A href="">Tannoy</A> speakers&#151;in fact, I've used a pair of NFM-8 near-field monitors in my home recording studio for many years. And I'm not alone&#151;many pro studios, especially in England, use Tannoys as reference monitors. But the company also makes exceptional consumer speakers, including the new Definition line.

Bob Ankosko  |  Oct 23, 2015  |  0 comments
It might take a minute to process what you’re looking at. Those squiggly figures are not pieces from a life-size puzzle, and you won’t find them in the gift shop at Muir Woods (or some other rustic destination). Nope. What you see is the brainchild of Sia Rezaei, who had been building speakers as a hobby until he took on the challenge of making “some awesome desktop speakers” back in 2010.
Scott Wilkinson  |  Jan 21, 2011  |  0 comments
Among the standout gems at CES this year was the D-Premier integrated amp/DAC from French newcomer Devialet. Distributed in the US by Audio Plus Services, the D-Premier serves as the stylish hub of a high-performance 2-channel audio system.
Scott Wilkinson  |  Jul 14, 2009  |  16 comments

John Bowers founded British speaker giant <A href="">Bowers & Wilkins</A> in 1965, hand assembling speakers in the back of an electronics shop he ran with Roy Wilkins in Worthing, England. Nearly 45 years later, B&W has become one of the world's pre-eminent speaker companies, thanks in part to the spirit of innovation embodied in its flagship 800 series.

Scott Wilkinson  |  Jun 26, 2009  |  13 comments

I'm always on the lookout for extreme A/V products, so when I came across a Dutch company called <A href="">Kharma</A>, I was intrigued by its Grand Enigma, one of the world's most expensive 2-channel speaker systems at a cool $1,000,000. I don't have enough info to profile that product just yet, but meanwhile, I thought it might be fun to take a look at the company's next-most-expensive Exquisite line, which offers a complete&#151;and still <I>very</I> pricey&#151;home-theater package.

Scott Wilkinson  |  Dec 01, 2009  |  7 comments

So-called digital or Class D power amps are often maligned as incapable of matching the performance of high-end analog amps. This has certainly been true of many designs, but <A href="">NAD</A> is out to change that perception with its new M2, a 2-channel digital power amp in the company's flagship Masters Series.

Scott Wilkinson  |  Sep 20, 2010  |  0 comments
Digital Projection will be making quite a splash at the CEDIA Expo this year, with at least four new DLP projectors and a new media server. The company also promises a couple of surprises and a kick-ass party at the Hard Rock Cafe.
Scott Wilkinson  |  Aug 20, 2010  |  0 comments
As my previous profiles of the Titan Reference and Titan Reference 3D projectors from Digital Projection International (DPI) make clear, they are nothing if not ultimate gear. But if $70,000 to $104,500 is a bit too much for your bank account, you can still get 3-chip DLP performance for much less with the company's HIGHlite Cine 260 models.
Scott Wilkinson  |  Jul 22, 2010  |  6 comments

Since I profiled the Titan Reference 1080p 3-chip DLP projector from Digital Projection International (DPI) in 2009, the company has upgraded it to include 3D capabilities. And unlike most Ultimate Gear products, I've actually spent some time with this one while Tom Norton was reviewing it for the October 2010 issue of Home Theater. How about a sneak peek?

Scott Wilkinson  |  Jun 11, 2012  |  12 comments
This morning, I attended a press preview of the newly renamed Dolby Theater at the Hollywood and Highland complex in Hollywood, California. The official unveiling of the venue's new signage will take place this evening amid throngs of people—an extravaganza not unlike the Academy Awards ceremony that makes its home there—so I was glad to get a sneak peek beforehand.
Scott Wilkinson  |  Sep 14, 2010  |  7 comments
Video projectors are always front and center at the CEDIA Expo, and this year is certainly no exception. Among the many introductions in this regard will be the Starlight 3 from French maker DreamVision.
Scott Wilkinson  |  Aug 21, 2009  |  2 comments

Press releases announcing new products to be introduced at the upcoming CEDIA (Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association) Expo are now flooding my inbox, so I'll be profiling several of these products leading up to the show. Among the most interesting-looking items so far is the Ferrari Art.Engine System, a single-piece stereo speaker from a boutique company called the <A href="">David Wiener Collection</A> (DWC).

Scott Wilkinson  |  Mar 17, 2011  |  0 comments
After designing and building direct-radiating speakers for over 20 years, Markus Duevel decided to try a different approach. Years of experimentation resulted in a unique combination of horn loading and omnidirectional radiation, and Duevel now offers several models, including the flagship Sirius.