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Scott Wilkinson  |  Jun 30, 2010  |  First Published: Jul 01, 2010  |  5 comments

Omnidirectional speakers are nothing new, though there are many variations. For example, Italian maker Bolzano Villetri has taken an interesting approach with its Campanile series, which includes floorstanders, a center-channel speaker, and a subwoofer to outfit a complete home theater.

Scott Wilkinson  |  Dec 20, 2010  |  3 comments
When Italian speaker maker Book of Music refers to its Teti floorstander as a "no conventional enclosure system," it's not kidding. Standing nearly five feet tall, this 2-way design looks sort of like a twisted stack of books about to topple over.
Scott Wilkinson  |  Jan 25, 2011  |  7 comments
If bigger is better, Boulder's new 3050 monoblock power amp is clearly among the best. This behemoth was unveiled at CES before being completely finished—the company is waiting for the transformers to arrive—but the specs are enough to make any audiophile drool.
Geoffrey Morrison  |  Jun 06, 2013  |  0 comments

To celebrate their teaming up, B&W and Maserati enlisted the help of musician and producer Howie B to create the Seven Notes project. To celebrate that, they’re putting on a multi-city road show featuring live music, and a chance to check out the B&W system in the new Quattroporte.

Fellow Tech2er Brent and I trekked down to Hollywood to have a listen.

Bob Ankosko  |  Oct 08, 2012  |  0 comments
German designer Helmut Brinkmann is on a never-ending quest for audio perfection, in this case with perhaps the most imperfect of music playback devices—the turntable. As he explains on the Brinkmann Audio Website, “Vinyl record playback is an exceedingly delicate and massively complex undertaking”—one he tackles with mastery in the flagship Balance turntable, which has undergone constant refinement since it was introduced 28 years ago. The goal is to achieve true high fidelity and come as close as possible to attaining the illusion of a live performance.
Scott Wilkinson  |  Mar 04, 2010  |  9 comments

When I first heard about the flagship 069 CD player from German high-end manufacturer <A href="">Burmester Audio</A>, I was surprised to learn that it is belt driven. Of course, many LP turntables use belt drives, but I'd never heard of a CD player with such a mechanism, which is said to decouple the platter from the rest of the chassis, eliminating vibrations and allowing the data to be read with considerably higher precision and less jitter.

Scott Wilkinson  |  Nov 29, 2010  |  0 comments
Last year, I profiled the incredible—and incredibly expensive—La Sphère speaker from French maker Cabasse. Utilizing and updating much of the same technology found in that model, the company will soon release L'Océan with a price tag only slightly less than its progenitor.
Scott Wilkinson  |  Dec 16, 2010  |  0 comments
Departing from the spherical-enclosure paradigm as embodied in its La Sphère and L'Océan powered speakers, Cabasse this week announced the availability of a new floorstanding design, the Pacific 3SA. However, this speaker does incorporate the SCS (Spatially Coherent System) coaxial-driver design found in those models.
Scott Wilkinson  |  Jan 26, 2010  |  2 comments

German speaker maker <A href="">Canton</A> was founded in 1972, deriving its name by combining the Latin word <I>cantare</I> (to sing) and the German word <I>ton</I> (musical tone). Nowhere is the company's dedication to exceptional music reproduction more evident than its Reference line, which is topped by the flagship Reference 1.2 DC.

Scott Wilkinson  |  Feb 17, 2011  |  3 comments
Carbon fiber seems to be the cabinet material of choice for many speaker makers these days, including Austrian Carboton, whose designs are described as "a sensual experience for your eyes, too."
Scott Wilkinson  |  Oct 07, 2010  |  2 comments
Founded in 1989, Cary Audio has made quite a name for itself among audiophiles. Now, after 17 years in production, the CAD-211 monoblock power amp has been updated to the Founder's Edition.
Scott Wilkinson  |  Apr 05, 2010  |  4 comments

Great Britain has long been home to many excellent high-end audio companies, including <A href="">Chord Electronics</A>. One of its newest offerings is the uncompromising CPA8000, Chord's ultimate 2-channel preamp.

Scott Wilkinson  |  Aug 16, 2010  |  2 comments
When I came across Stereophile's review of the SPM 14000 Ultimate monoblock power amp from UK-based Chord Electronics, I knew I had to cover it here. Hey, any product with the word "Ultimate" in its name is fair game for Ultimate Gear! And it's the perfect mate to the CPA 8000 preamp, which I profiled last April.
Scott Wilkinson  |  Apr 19, 2010  |  13 comments

If $100,000 for the <A href=" One DLP projector</A> is too rich for your blood and/or you don't need to light up a 50-foot screen, <A href="">Cineversum</A> offers an attractive alternative&#151;the new BlackWing Four LCoS projector.

Scott Wilkinson  |  Dec 09, 2010  |  0 comments
Home theater using Force One by Sphere Custom Design, South Africa. Photo courtesy of Christaan Beukes.

Last April, I profiled the magnificent Force One 3-chip DLP projector from French maker Cineversum. Now, just in time for the holidays, the company has announced a new model, the Force Two, and 3D capabilities for both.