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SV Staff  |  May 03, 2016  |  4 comments
Bowers & Wilkins, the venerable British speaker brand also known as B&W, has been acquired by EVA Automation, a two-year-old Silicon Valley-based technology company founded by Gideon Yu, a Korean-born high-tech investor and former president and current co-owner of the San Francisco 49ers football team.
HT Staff  |  Aug 14, 2000  |  0 comments
What do you call a loudspeaker that works with any amp, plays loud and clean, offers amazing detail, window-rattling bass, and looks good in any home? Alan Yun calls it the "Corona Mk.II."
HT Staff  |  Nov 22, 2002  |  0 comments
Video projectors just keep getting better. One of the leaders is the HT300Plus, the latest addition to the Grand Cinema line of DLP projectors from SIM2 Multimedia S.p.A.

The company's year-old HT300 is already something of a legend in the industry. SIM2 has improved its performance in several areas, including a 28% reduction in black level, and a 17% increase in brightness, for an overall gain in contrast ratio of +63%.

Barry Willis  |  Oct 06, 2002  |  0 comments

<A HREF="">SIM2 USA</A>, a division of SIM2 Multimedia S.p.A., has become the first manufacturer to launch a projector and monitors using Texas Instruments' new HD2 Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) chipset. The company's new projector is the HT300 Plus, the latest addition to the renowned line of Grand Cinema DLP projectors. Also new are two models in its Grand Cinema RTX line.

Bob Ankosko  |  Sep 17, 2012  |  0 comments
We tend to think of high-end video projection as the cornerstone of a larger-than-life home theater experience—you know, the kind that puts the local cinema to shame—rather than a source of creative lighting or fine art. But for SIM2 Multimedia, the Italian company known for high-style/high-performance projectors, the M.150 represents the intersection of home entertainment and interior design.
Barry Willis  |  May 12, 2001  |  0 comments

High-end audio is the primary emphasis here at HE 2001, but home theater is getting plenty of exposure at demos put on by <A HREF="">Polk Audio</A>, <A HREF="">MartinLogan</A>, and other audio manufacturers who are pushing their products for surround sound. Polk's large suite&mdash;immediately next door to the show's Press Room&mdash;has been packed for the first two days, with show attendees waiting in long lines to get in. The emphasis: a new multi-channel audio system known as the Digital Solution 7200, which includes five two-way speakers, a powered subwoofer with an integral multichannel amplifier, and a tuner/processor/preamp.

HT Staff  |  Jan 06, 2002  |  0 comments
Digital Light Processing is one of the hottest buzzwords in home theater. Sim2 Seleco USA, Inc., has incorporated the Texas Instruments technology into a sleek attractive projector claimed to be optimized for both high-definition and legacy video displays.
Thomas J. Norton  |  Jul 30, 2005  |  First Published: Jul 31, 2005  |  0 comments

The first projector in SIM2's new Multimedia Grand Cinema C3X series was demonstrated to the press last week at the Italian Trade Council's New York City headquarters. SIM2 invested $5 million developing the new C3X projector. The few 3-chip DLP designs that have been introduced to the consumer market so far are large, heavy, and expensive. SIM2 appears to have solved the large and heavy issues. At a svelte 19 pounds, the C3X is not much more massive than the company's 1-chip models, and only about twice their compact size.

SV Staff  |  Sep 08, 2008  |  0 comments
This is just so cool. SIM2 makes gorgeous high-end home-theater projectors, with cabinets that look like art. They're Italian. Great-looking Euro-art. But that's not even the cool part. The 1080p three-chip DLP projector is capable of home theater...
Barry Willis  |  Mar 11, 2001  |  0 comments

Is computer code that allows a user to violate a copyright a protected form of free speech, or is it an "illegal device"? The <A HREF="">Motion Picture Association of America</A> (MPAA) has aggressively pursued legal action against internet entrepreneurs, such as <A HREF=""><I>2600, the Hacker Quarterly</I></A>, that promoted DeCSS, a 57-kilobyte code, invented in 1999 by 15-year-old Norwegian student Jon Lech Johansen, that allows DVDs to be copied onto computers' hard drives and then transmitted over the internet.

Leonid Korostyshevski  |  Apr 12, 2004  |  0 comments

<I>Editor's note: On April 7, the <A HREF=""></I>New York Times<I></A> reported that the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) was planning to battle widespread DVD piracy in Russia on the only front that counts with consumers: pricing. In the report, Erin E. Arvedlund notes, Sony's "Columbia TriStar would price DVDs at no more than 299 rubles, or just over $10 . . . Warner Home Video has cut its DVD prices in Russia to the equivalent of $15."

Darryl Wilkinson  |  Feb 02, 2007  |  0 comments
Four new devices from TV One are designed to make life with HDMI a bit easier.
HT Staff  |  Jan 30, 2001  |  0 comments
Is your coffee table a museum of remote controls? If so, it's time to streamline your home theater space with one elegant device that does the work of many.
SV Staff  |  Jan 26, 2009  |  0 comments
The Simpsons will have their 20th season premiere on February 15th, and you're gonna see a big change. Now, they haven't aged on bit, yet they're coming of age. The high-definition age, that is. After 20 years, The Simpsons will be...
HT Staff  |  Feb 27, 2001  |  0 comments
Camarillo, California-based SineLock has introduced the first of a series of advanced AC conditioners intended for use in both the consumer and professional markets. The devices provide a minimum of -80dB reduction in line-borne noise and -50dB of isolation between outlets dedicated for either digital or analog gear. The result: better audio detail and clearer video images.