Samsung HL-S5686W RPTV

  • $2,399
  • 56" single-chip DLP
  • 1280x720
  • Key Connections: Dual HDMI and component inputs, USB input
Features We Like: Compact design, Movie mode allows selection of accurate color palette and defeats DNIe video processing, Over-The-Air HD tuner

Features We Miss: With 1080p all over the place 720p seems kinda wimpy, single-chip design means rainbows

At A Glance: While some of the shine is off 720p displays, this Samsung is a sleeper that can be found at street prices under $2K. The blacks and contrast aren't category leading, but this set can display natural, accurate colors at the touch of a button in Movie mode, and the overall image quality is exceptional for a TV in this price range. This is set isn't going to have the level of depth and detail with HD that a full 1080p set has, but at what is essentially bargain price, this set offers a very strong balance of features and performance. We like it!