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Panasonic's been courting Sanyo for a while, but they've finally made it official. Panasonic has agreed to buy Sanyo for a mere $9 billion. Wow. With all eyes on environmental issues, Sanyo was particularly attractive to Panasonic. Sanyo...
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The championship game is always exciting, but this year, it's gonna be a real thrilling event. Sony Electronics and FOX sports are joining together for the first live 3D showing of college football's crowning game.The game will be between...
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2008 was pretty remarkable - in home-entertainment as well as in the world at large. For instance, this is the first time we've ever given the Product of the Year award to essentially the same piece of gear twice in a row. Why? Because in 2007 we concluded that the Pioneer Elite Kuro PRO-110FD was the best TV ever made, and this year Pioneer surprised everybody by making it even better.

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Movie ••••½ Picture •••• Sound •••½ Extras •••••
"Leave the gun.
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Right now, B&H is offering a Sharp Blu-ray/AQUOS TV bundle. However, it looks like Sharp is sharing the joy, from now until January 31, 2009.  Buy a select TV, and get a free Sharp BD-HP21U Blu-ray player. What something a bit spiffier?...
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The RIAA has always had the reputation of being the strong arm of the law in regard to peer-to-peer music sharing. They have sued almost 35,000 people for illegally sharing music files - most cases were settled for about $3,500.  On Friday,...
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Price: $1,700 Highlights: The price is right • Accurate color • Crisp, dimensional image with excellent resolution • Poor black level and shadow detail

At 61 inches diagonal, the Samsung is the smaller member of this two-set match-up, but it’s still considerably larger than most comparably priced flat panels. Also, like the Mitsubishi, you’ll be surprised at how light it feels. Even better, the price will also be light on your wallet.

The set provides an adequate number of inputs, including a WiseLink port—Samsung’s name for the USB connection that lets you view JPEG photos, listen to MP3 audio files, and input possible future firmware upgrades.

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Price: $2,999 Highlights: Accurate color • A high contrast ratio with convincingly deep blacks • Bright, punchy, dimensional image

With its 65-inch (diagonal) screen, the Mitsubishi WD-65835 is the second from the largest set in Mitsubishi’s full-featured Diamond line. But it’s a lot lighter and more maneuverable than you might expect.

The set offers a full array of the usual video and audio connections. Plus, it includes the increasingly common USB port for viewing your JPEG photos. There is no RGB computer input. You can only connect a computer via a digital link to one of the HDMI jacks.

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The Short Form
$1,995 ($3,194 as tested) / NILESAUDIO.COM / 800-289-4434
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Bad news Voom. After Dish pulled the plug on this great source of HD content, it didn't really stand a chance. No other major provider stepped up to carry the 15 HD channels of Voom, so, by the end of January, no more Voom.Two HD channels of...