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This personal digital video recorder is also a media center with a 500GB hard drive that is upgradable to 1TB. The device allows you to record a video or TV program in real-time and supports time-shift functionality. There are editing tools that allow you to cut, splice and merge the home videos you store on the drive. There is a built in iPod dock for playback of your video media through a TV. It's compatible with about every file you can imagine and retails for $349.

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After years in development, Gefen has finally released their wireless HDMI solution and it's not cheap at $999. The range is 30 feet, effectively doubling the maximum distance you can run an HDMI cable without a booster. The cost doesn't seem to be a problem, since the product is already backordered.

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For several months, we've heard promises that LED-driven front projectors for home use would be available in 2009. At CES, at least one company announced a ship date. Vivitek says its H6080FD projector will ship in early June at a suggested...
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Sanyo’s new full-HD LCD projector, the PLV-1080HD, may not sound like an entry-level model at first glance. It comes equipped with 1080p capabilities through its HD 3LCD panel and includes some advanced features that might make you think it’s too good to be true. Along with a contrast ratio of 10,000:1, the projector also offers a newly designed variable iris to make your source material shine. SANYO designed the iris to quickly adjust the amount of light projected every 1/60th of a second. The company says this will make image quality stand out through its rich color and deeper blacks.
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It’s no revelation that Blu-ray players have become more and more accessible to the general public. Now the question has turned from “Do you have a Blu-ray player?” to “What can your Blu-ray player do?” NAD aims to answer the latter question with its new, fully featured T 587 Blu-ray player.
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These Academy Sovran speakers should certainly get the award for the most-travelled consumer electronics equipment. Koetsu USA, a distribution company connected to the well-known Japanese cartridge manufacturer turned to the Italian company Chario for this particular speaker, which makes it one of the most transcontinental speakers out there.
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Right in front, next to Dolby, in the South Hall was a new kid on the block, called XStreamHD. While they were making a big splash at the show, the service won't go live until later this year, sometime in the summer.

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The top of the Toshiba heap is the SV670 series in 46- and 55-inch flavors. This one has LED backlighting with local dimming and a cool "Infinity Flush" design that features a continuous sheet of glass across the entire front face. It's beautiful <I>and</I> unobtrusive dark gray, a combo I definitely like.

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Next up the ladder is Toshiba's ZV650 series, which will be available in April in 42-, 47-, and 55-inch sizes. At this level, you get ClearScan 240 (120Hz frame interpolation with backlight flashing), USB and SD card slots for media stored thereon, and Dolby Volume, which keeps the volume consistent between shows, commercials, and channels. Oddly, they also have Audyssey Dynamic EQ, but they decided not to use Audyssey Dynamic Volume, which does much the same thing.

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In the large-screen category, Toshiba has plenty to show. The XV645 series includes 40-, 46-, and 52-inch models that will be available in May. All are 120Hz and include Toshiba's Resolution Plus, which used to be called SRT and does a very creditable job upscaling standard-def to 1080p.