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Well, now that the DTV Transition deadline has moved, you don't have to rush out and do this this weekend. However, once your old analog TV  becomes obsolete (since you didn't get a converter box and they're as hard to come by...
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It's great that iTunes has so many great selections for entertainment. The problem is, how do you store all this material once you've downloaded it. A high-def video file is huge, and even if you don't buy it, renting requires you to...
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Got game? Blockbuster Total Access wants your business. The company is starting a new program to offer video game rentals as part of its movies-by-mail service. They're going to start with a limited number of subscribers when the program...
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Lord knows that most MP3 players come bundled with pretty crappy-sounding and fitting earbuds. In fact, most cheap players would sound just fine if they were auditioned with better earbuds. Acoustibuds, by Burton Ideas, are a rather unique...
Al Griffin  |  Feb 12, 2009  |  0 comments
Theo Kalomirakis  |  Feb 12, 2009  |  0 comments

My love for old movie theaters is not unconditional. Some landmarks from the 1920s and '30s, mostly located in major metropolitan areas, still inspire awe.

Thomas J. Norton  |  Feb 12, 2009  |  3 comments

The video world woke up last Friday to the news reports that Pioneer Electronics, long a leader in consumer video display technology, was getting out of the video display business. At first, the reports did not come from Pioneer itself, but rather from news agencies (first in Japan, later overseas) that put two and two together and concluded that they really did equal four.

Kim Wilson Photography: Rob Hart and Revo Reese  |  Feb 12, 2009  |  8 comments

We all know that California has it own unique car culture. Here a person's automobile and their personality are often closely aligned. One homeowner loved their Bentley so much; they couldn't get enough of it and choose it as the theme for their dedicated Home Theater.

Doug and Candy Laven  |  Feb 12, 2009  |  9 comments

My wife and I own a Queen Ann Victorian home built in 1886 in the Silk Stocking district of Mankato, Minnesota. It’s a large home with each room decorated in period furnishings which isn’t conducive to a large screen TV and visible speakers. This made it hard to watch movies and Monday Night Football, so Doug convinced Candy to build a media room in the basement.


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