Zipato Delivers Automation in a Box

If you think that home automation shouldn’t be complicated, then you will probably like what the folks at Zipato have to say. The company offers a pretty slick automation solution that includes several plug-in modules that comes packed in a single box. The brains of the system is the Zipabox, which is an automation controller that taps into a variety of different sensors – motion, magnetic contact, smoke sensor, temperature, - to provide basic security. But the system can be expended with many additional modules including IP cameras, energy meters, lighting and shade control, irrigation, and interfaces with many ZigBee and ZWave peripherals. The Smart Alarm Start Package includes 24/7 security monitoring, a feature that many other security companies charge $30 or more per month. An online tool allows complete customization of the home, and allows for many of the conditional, time based or security triggered programming functions offered by high-end automation systems.