Zettaly's Avy Speaker Is Android-Smart

The competition among smart speakers is heating up. In fact, it is already red hot. There are any number of choice products to choose from, with more pouring in. Another new entry is the Avy smart speaker from Zettaly. This is an Android-powered speaker with a couple of nice twists.

The Avy is an internet-connected speaker with Android 5.0 "Lollipop" onboard. As such, it can access internet content comprising music, movies, and other apps. The speaker is controlled via a 7-inch 1024x600 TFT touchscreen. You can stream music from sources such as Spotify and Pandora via WiFi b/g/n. You can also pair the speaker with a local source via Bluetooth 4.0. The screen allows you to watch video content from sources such as Netflix and Hulu. You can connect to TV with HDMI and Chromecast. Other apps such as Skype are also available (using its front-facing VGA camera). The speaker contains either 8 or 32GB of local storage (standard or pro model) for playback offline of external sources; it can also accept up to 32GB of additional storage via microSD. Finally, the speaker is portable, with its own rechargeable 14.8Wh battery.

Audio tech details are pretty slim; we are advised that the Avy has two 5-watt amplifier channels, and proprietary sound chamber and waveguide, as well a built-in mic. We are also alerted that the Avy is "professionally tuned." I'll get back to you regarding sound quality from an environment that's not in the middle of the Las Vegas Convention Center show floor.

Dimensions are 35 x 11.7 x 12 cm. Weight is 1.0 kg. I/O ports include microSD, HDMI, and micro USB. Pre-order prices (Feb. 12, 2015) are $169 (8GB standard model) and $229 (32GB pro model); retail prices are TBD. It will be available in May, 2015.