Windows 7 to Include Dolby Digital Plus

We've got some good news and some hmmm news. The good news is that Windows 7, the not-as-lame-as-Vista operating system now slithering out of Microsoft, will be compatible with Dolby Digital Plus, the newest and hippest of Dolby's lossy audio codecs. The hmmm news is that Windows 7 does not support lossless Dolby TrueHD. At least yet. We say yet not because Dolby said anything about it but because we are incurable optimists who believe in the perfectibility of humanity. Hey Steve Ballmer, when you're done changing your shirt to get rid of those obvious sweat stains, how about supporting lossless surround in your next OS?

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"not-as-lame-as-Vista", "slithering", etc.Who wrote this, a journalist or an immature eleven year old boy?