Digital Projection Redux

At the end of the day, I stopped by the Digital Projection booth to see its new offerings, which I blogged about before the show. The M-Vision Cine LED was being compared with an iVision 30 lamp-based projector on adjacent screens, and while the iVision was brighter, even on a larger screen, the Cine LED exhibited better color saturation. In another part of the booth, the HighLite 3-chip DLP looked great, with excellent color and detail.

Digital Projection also presented two 3D demos using the Titan Reference 3D (pictured). Off to the side was one system with a computer-based server that used active-shutter glasses, but it was having technical difficulties when I was there, so it didn't look very good. The other demo used passive glasses and an 18-foot-wide, 2.35:1 Stewart UltraMatte 100 CineCurve, the largest ever built. That was much more impressive, but in both cases, the picture looked very dim after passing through those glasses, a problem common to virtually all 3D systems I've seen.