A Wicked Change-Up

Sony is introducing the CX7000ES Blu-ray mega-changer ($1900) to complement the BDP-CX960 Blu-ray changer ($800) currently available. The BDP-CX7000ES can hold up to 400 discs—either Blu-ray, standard DVD, or CD—. Sony made it a point to mention that four of these changers piggybacked together can hold all of the Blu-ray titles currently on the market! The player can download all relevant disc information via a broadband connection to Gracenote.

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At $1900 does it play SACDs? It is a Sony product afterall.

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Nothing was said about SACD, which means it won't. Sony has pretty much abandoned that format.

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Does anyone else find this as strange. Here is a company that when its products are mentioned in audiophile circles is greeted with the courtesy usually reserved for a leper. Other companies such as Denon, Oppo, and Marantz just released their new upscale bluray players and included SACD. And yet Sony, who started the format, makes an two new upscale "ES" bluray players and leaves the format out. Sorry Sony, but if you had included SACD on this changer I would have seriously considered it for my whole-home system. For a company that used to hang on to many formats until long after their deaths you haven't studied the target group or your competitors for this product. Too bad.

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