What the Heck is That?!

It's the BGX-4850 BG Radia/THX Ultra2 Certified In-wall Subwoofer. After many months of tweaking and a few delays the BGX-4850 Architectural Subwoofer is here. The BGX-4850 is a joint development between BG Radia and THX and has resulted in a very unique in-wall subwoofer design. The BGX-4850 is the first in-wall sub to receive THX Ultra2 certification and the first to incorporate THX Balanced Bass-line technology to deliver vibration-free bass from an in-wall subwoofer.

The 4850 consists of four speaker modules (as shown in the photo) containing 12 4-inch woofers each mounted in its own enclosure. The four modules with a total of 48 woofers have a radiating area equal to two 18-inch drivers, yet the enclosure fits in a standard 2 x 4 residential stud wall. Each module measures 26-inches high, 14-inches wide and 3.5-inches deep. When installed in-wall, two grill sizes are available; small: 7-inches wide and 28-inches high, or large: 15-inches wide and 29.5-inches wide.

The BGX-4850 system includes the BGA-2104 rack-mountable amplifier with 2000-watts of output for powering all four modules. The amp comes with a remote control. The BGX-4850 with four speaker modules and an amplifier will have a suggested retail price of $6995, or $3999 with two speaker modules and the amplifier.

I've heard the BGX-4850 demonstrated with four speaker modules. It offers excellent bass extension and it is virtually vibration-free.