Westinghouse Goes NUCLI Early Access with Amazing New Deadbolt

Westinghouse’s new NUCLI deadbolt locking system is one of the most amazing and ambitious electronic door locks I’ve seen to date. The NUCLI replaces a standard deadbolt lock with no modifications necessary for most doors. What makes this lock stand out amongst a myriad of smart locks hitting the market is the incredible collection of capabilities built into the NUCLI.

The NUCLI includes:

  • integrated outdoor camera
  • motion detection
  • Inner and outer touchscreens
  • the inner LCD displays who is at the door
  • integrated fingerprint identification
  • Z-Wave built-in
  • integrated Bluetooth 4.1
  • integrated Wi-Fi
  • integrated accelerometer that detects when the door closes and automatically locks the door
  • integrated doorbell with user provided MP3 file playback
  • Super Capacitor technology for emergency use with nearly dead batteries
  • outer 9V battery emergency connector
  • can be unlocked/locked remotely using the Westinghouse keyfob

The NUCLI is expected to sell for $399 and be available for purchase in July of this year. From now until January 31, 2015, Westinghouse is offering an Early Access Program for early adopters who would like to help put the finishing touches on the software. The Early Access Program includes free firmware downloadable updates, free technical support for one year, two years of free access to the company’s optional cloud-based notification system, free access to the API and sample code, plus a passcode to the Early Access Program support site to participate in development discussions and submit refinement requests.

EAP participants will be able to purchase the NUCLI for $299. EAP orders will be fulfilled between one to three months after order, and shipping dates will be based on the initial EAP order.

To participate and purchase a NUCLI for $299, email eap@westinghousesecurity.net with the following info: 1) your name, 2) your phone #, and 3) a date and time when you can be contacted to verify your details. Emails must be received between January 6th and January 31st.