Welcome to our new feature, "Ask Home Theater." Each week, I'll answer several reader questions here, and you'll have an opportunity to chime in with your comments and additions. I hope to build a real community with lively discussion, so don't be shy! Send your questions to me at scott.wilkinson@sorc.com, and please add your two cents to any answer I give. I look forward to hearing from you!

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I could not follow Kris's math of his review on Sony BDP-S5000ES. How could he give 3 stars to performance and 4 starts to value with a price tag of $2,000?

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Good question Allen. The 5000ES is built like a tank and the refinement in the audio section coupled with the build makes it a strong value compared to other products at the same price point, of which there are only a few. The performance is weighed heavily toward its BD and DVD playback performance and it did fall a bit short there, but most players at or near this price point have unfortunately.

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I have a basement theater room with an In-Focus 7205 front projector. No light infiltration at all, but then walls are egg shell white. What would be a better color for the walls to improve picture quality? Thanks for your help. Paul

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This is a great question that I will answer in next week's Ask Home Theater.

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Would it be better w/ a thin budget to buy an AVR rather than seperates? I was thinking Denon's new flagship 5308CI. However there are seperates, like integra, anthem, marantz, as well as denon that all seem to have similar features, but somewhat lower in price. What would be a good solution? Thank you for your time in this matte.John

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I'm trying to put my home theater together.I'm pretty knowledgeable when it comes to electronics and yet I'm stumped.I just purchased a new LCD TV, I already have a surround sound set of speakers. I have Directv and I'm trying to find a new DVD player with an audio decoder to hook it all up.But it seems to get a DVD player with audio decoder I am going to have to purchase it WITH speakers. Unless I want to spend a lot of money.So I guess my question is.... where can I find a DVD player with audio decoder so that I can use the speakers that I already have?

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Two more good questions...I'll be happy to answer them in the blog. Meanwhile, I would like to ask all who have a question to send it to me via e-mail rather than posting it here in the comment section of the blog. That way, I can get follow-up info if I need to before answering the question. Feel free to use the comment section to add your two cents about the topics in the post. Thanks!

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I want to know what soundbar i should buy for under $500? I have no idea. Or a 2.1 speaker system? Could you please help me? I am a Novice!

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This is a GREAT idea! I am a listener to youon Leo's show and find your time on the show very informative. This BLOG is great too. Thanks for taking time to educate the masses....