This Week in Music and Blu-rays: September 6, 2011

This Week in Music

Brett Milano takes a listen to the latest new releases and reissues: Lindsey Buckingham goes his own way, Grace Jones reunites with Sly & Robbie, Hank3 goes for high volume in every sense of the word by releasing four albums in a single day, and more.

This Week in Blu-rays

Gene Newman checks out this week's Blu-ray releases: Brian De Palma's '80s classics come to Blu-ray, with Scarface and Dressed to Kill making their HD debuts; Hanna takes aim at the Bourne supremacy; Dustin Hoffman shines as the everyman extraordinaire under extraordinary circumstances in the original Straw Dogs; Paul Greengrass handles 9/11 with respect in United 93; and more.