Upgrades and Enhancements from JVC

JVC RV-NB10 Kaboom box with wireless adapter and remote

JVC's CES presentation revealed substantial, but at the same time subtle, improvements in many product categories. Arguably the most interesting items on exhibit were prototypes: a 10-inch-deep, 56-inch HD-ILA rear projection TV and LCD and HD-ILA TVs with LED light sources. (D-ILA is JVC's proprietary version of liquid crystal on silicon, or LCoS, display technology.)

JVC has upgraded its Genesso 32-bit video processor, which is designed to optimize picture quality. The chip incorporates the fifth generation of JVC's Digital Image Scaling Technology (DIST), which converts any video source to 1080p resolution, and reduces video noise and artifacts. JVC uses Genesso in all of its large-screen HD-ILA TVs.

The company is relaunching its Kaboom box. The RV-NB10, available in March for $299, connects to MP3 players and iPods and includes a tiny FM transmitter that allows operating your music player from bed with the Kaboom box across the room on a dresser. Another bantam box is the battery-operated SU-DH1 Dolby Headphone surround sound adapter. This 3.5-ounce device connects to any laptop computer, portable DVD player, handheld videogame unit, or MP3 player and delivers virtual surround sound through whatever headphones you are using. It works with Dolby Digital and DTS soundtracks or can use Dolby Pro Logic II to synthesize surround from stereo sources. The SU-DH-1 will be available in April for $130.

Among the first companies to make camcorders that record to hard drives, JVC has enhanced its Everio line to the G series, with 30 gigabytes of storage in the new GZ-MG37 slated for February at $800. All the new Everio G series camcorders come with DVD burning software and feature much faster transfer speeds from their internal drives to PCs. Complementing them is the CU-VD10 Share Station, a dock for transferring video directly to a DVD burner or computer. It will be available in April at a price of $200.

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