Ultimate Demos' New Look

If you have a home theater, you probably enjoy showing it off to your family and friends. But which Blu-ray titles are best for demonstrating the audio and video capabilities of your system? That's easy—they're listed in HT's exclusive blog called Ultimate Demos, which identifies Blu-rays of superior technical quality and calls out specific scenes, right down to the chapter and time-code second, that let your theater really shine.

And now, Ultimate Demos are new and improved, with icons that let you instantly see which titles have exemplary video, audio, or both. If the stylized eye is red, you know that disc provides exceptional visual imagery, while a red ear icon indicates outstanding sound. If either icon is orange, the corresponding content is very good, but not quite up to reference quality, while a gray icon means there's nothing special about that part of the presentation.

Keep in mind that Ultimate Demos are not movie reviews—they will always provide top-quality audio and/or video, even if the movie itself doesn't measure up to the disc's technical merits. So if you've been looking for Blu-rays that kick some serious home-theater butt, look no farther than HT's Ultimate Demos.

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Good job guys, this is a great addition!

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You can not go wrong with Avatar. www.unisenmedia.com

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Completely agree with Mister Leadfoot.

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Thanks guys. If you see something you like in an ultimate demo or have a chance to test a specific scene on your system, please give me feedback to let me know whether you felt it made the cut or not. Also, if you find any additional scenes I may have missed, jot down the time stamp and post it in the review thread.
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well done.... Excelente muchachos! (excellent guys) Scott, David and Co.

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Yes cool little addition. Great job always making it feel fresh around here!