TouchTunes Aims to Perfect the Connected Jukebox Experience with New App

The jukebox may feel stuck the ’50s, conjuring up images of Fonzie and Richie in Happy Days, but TouchTunes changed all that when it invented the digital jukebox with a library of 750 songs in 1998. A little over a decade later, the New York-based company released an app that lets revelers locate connected jukeboxes and play songs from their smartphones.

TouchTunes today announced a revamped app it says will make the connected jukebox experience even more engaging. The update makes it easy to plan a night out with friends and find a restaurant or bar with the right vibe. You can explore TouchTunes locations from an interactive map and use new search and browse functions find a venue that matches the mood you’re going for. You can save favorite venues and even create a playlist before you leave home, without having to first to check-in on the app (which is how it works now).

The updated app also introduces a new Full Queue Visibility feature that lets TouchTunes users track where selected songs are in the play list. Besides scrolling through the queue, you can get real-time status updates on a song’s position. The company is also planning to add a FastPass enhancement that will let users pony up a few extra credits to hear a song sooner.

The updated TouchTunes app will be available for download this summer.

“People are craving human connection in the real world now more than ever, and nothing brings people together like music,” said TouchTunes CEO Ross Honey. “We’ve created a world-class social music app that lets you take off your headphones and connect in person through your favorite songs, for those memorable moments we all treasure.”

The company is planning to add more features in the near future, including one that lets app users interact with one another by reacting to song choices with emojis, increasing another player’s chance to be featured in the app’s leaderboards. Other forthcoming features include Song Battle, which will allow players to pit two songs against one another, giving everyone in the venue a chance to vote on which one will play next. Another feature will enable app users collaborate on playlists.

TouchTunes connected jukeboxes are in more than 65,000 bars, restaurants, breweries, and other social venues across North America and Europe. To learn more about the company and the app, visit


TouchTunes Redefines the Jukebox.