Thiel demonstrated a system that is said to produce audiophile quality audio either through a wireless connection or "wired" via Ethernet. As demonstrated, the package consisted of five full range SCS4D speakers plus an SS1D subwoofer (all powered via class D amps—like most "wireless" systems the individual pieces still require a connection to the AC line) and a dB1 THIELnet Audio Distribution Processor.

The processor will allow three forms of transmission: Wireless, Ethernet, or Homeplug. (The latter uses your house's electrical wiring for home network communications.)

The Ethernet configuration is more flexible than a wireless one as to the number if speakers it can handle, but even a wireless setup will support a single 5.1-channel system in one room and six 2-channel systems in other locations. The demonstrated system was connected via Ethernet.

An audition proved promising, with a clean, detailed, but non-aggressive sound. It was slightly warm through the midbass, but the woofer-satellite blend is still being worked out and the room acoustics were probably not helping. The system is still about a year away from production, so no prices were announced.