Tech Trends '09

The future is now! Or rather, the future is on its way. If the future was now, then we'd call it the present. Regardless, Sound & Vision's best minds have gazed into their technological crystal balls and have plenty of news about what's on the way to the world of A/V.

Screen Dreams

From Widgets to 3-D, new sets on the horizon are equipped to take TV viewing to the next level

Special K

Take a peek past 1080p into the world of 4K ultra high-def - and beyond

Gently Down the Stream

Is it time for you to test the streaming waters?

Taking You Higher

Audio aficionados will soon enjoy a new dimension in sound: height. But is the world really ready for 9.1?

HDTV Unplugged

Sending 1080p signals wirelessly to your HDTV is about to become a reality

Tech Goes Green

New flat-panel TVs are easier on your electric bill and safer to recycle

Licensed to Thrill

Bang & Olufsen goes totally Bond with its sound system for the Aston Martin DBS