TCL's Ultra-Wide 21:9 LCD

Like many demos at CES 2016, this 2.35:1 (21x9) “scope” curved LCD widescreen Ultra HD design was likely brought in to test its commercial viability with the army of retailers who attend CES. According to the information I received, however, TCL (a Chinese company) does plan to distribute it in Hong Kong, at least initially.

Call it a “show car” if you will, but at 78 inches diagonal (just under 6-feet wide for this aspect ratio) it looked promising to me, though like all sets of this size it likely won’t be either cheap or easy to set up should it come to market here. Technically it’s 5K instead of 4K to make up for the fact that the reduced screen height means that if it were 4K its pixel count be 3840 x 2160.